Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gujarat Police

The police is committed to ensuring a responsive police administration to tackle the above mentioned crimes so that secured, sound and safe living environment may be created to serve the public at large. The Gujrat police has competence, grit and determination to serve the people.

In the past, the state police has displayed rare competence in handling various conflicts like law and order disturbances, military, trans-border crime, trans-border terrorism, and inter-state crimes to name a few.

Gujrat Police is competent to meet in a professional manner  the challenges like cyber crime, narco-terrorism, economic offences, crimes against women and children and other vulnerable sections of the society emerging frequently due to recent developments in the society and technology .

Gujrat police is also reinforcing the appropriate police-public interface to ensure
            the welfare of senior-citizens, the NRIs and the victims of crime.

            To meet all challenges, the State Police has been strengthened with updated legal
instruments and additional resources in terms of budget and man-power. Training and development of the personnel and the provision of due incentives and welfare for them will prepare the organization to meet ever-evolving challenges.

I am sure my colleagues will agree that the our State Police is meeting the challenges with utmost, sincerity, zeal and commitment.

Jai Hind 
Swarnit Gujrat

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