Wednesday, January 11, 2012


You can Fly as High as
         You Want 
Try to quantify, what you want in life and how you are going to get. Also, ask as to what you can expect from yourself. If you feel in inadequate in any areas, then try to improve your competencies and skills. Be sure to circumvent and evade indistinct and hazy aspirations and targets. Become skilled at recognizing, the information or education or facts or data relevant to your ambition and purpose. If you persevere, in focusing on your goals, it will be simple and uncomplicated, to decide, what is suitable to your objective. It will imply that you are proceeding in the right direction.
          Distractions are common, whether you are studying, or working from home, or are in a formal office. These hundreds of interruptions vie for your time, energy and focus. They can be in the form of children, family, friends, neighbours, television, mobile phone rings, illogical critics and many more, like the door to door salesman or a saleswoman.
      Owners of home based business and students studying at home, must always remember that the purpose of working professionally, from home is the same as that of other business. It has the added advantage of sharing lives with the children and your spouse, of being your own boss, instead of having somebody else as a boss and the freedom to work whenever it is convenient.
     After retirement, I work from my flat and probably much harden, than what I did in the government. But I do it at my own manner and comfort. When I have to write to meet a deadline, I just sit down and focus on, what I have to do. The added advantage, of working from the home is, that there is no dress code and no seating code.  I can stretch my legs or relax  in bed and work on my lap top. When working and focusing, I do not pick up any phone and let them go into the voice mail. Only after I have finished my work, I return the phone calls. The result, of all this is, that I can pack more into the day, than many others can. This is all due to the power of focusing, prioritizing what is important, and what is not. You must strive, to feel fabulous and marvelous about yourself, about your capabilities, talents, and achievements and future prospectuses. Do not mull on your slip-ups and gaffes. You must pat, eulogize and commend yourself, for having accomplished, what you have done, so far. This is great tonic and picks me up. Always be upbeat about yourself. One quality of successful people is, that they are generally smiling, merry, positive and bright. They are aware, that positive thoughts expel and banish negative thoughts. They feel that smiling is the surest way to get rid of pessimistic and depressing thoughts. It is not something difficult to do, if we pay a little attention to our stance, and approach to other people as well as life. Smile says that I like you and welcome you, whosoever and what you are.  It is important not to let your circumstances run your life and work. If you let this state of affairs, to be in the driver’s seat, it is only a question of time, when you will be demolished and destroyed. Remember, whenever you work for yourself, from either home, or study in a school or college, or work for somebody in his work place, treat the same as any other real job. Some people go to work to play, some go to socialize, and some others just to pass time. Rewards are generally and directly proportionate to your productivity.
Therefore, it makes sense to work hard, produce the best results by staying focused. Intentions generally do not differ, competencies do.

Turn Your Creative Spark into a Flame by Joginder Singh, Former
Director, Central  Bureau of Intelligence(CBI), Govt. of India.

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