Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Be A Winner 3

Re-position Yourself  for
Better Times

God has given every human being a power to discriminate,  between  the best and worst, between excellent and terrible deeds and to know in advance, what will be in his best or worst interest. In spite of that, there are very few people who are willing to cash on that ability and change, for the positive and discard bad practices and tendencies that dent and harm you now as well as in the future. Disappointments and heartaches are a normal part of human existence. Only the hardships harden and sharpen us. For growth in life, you have to endure the winter of frustration, exactly like a seed and the sapling, which has to pass through many freezing winters, before it can blossom. In fact, there is no living e to be man in the world, however successful he may be, who has not faced some despair or gloom in his life.
The beauty of life, is that no failure and disappointment is permanent and it lies within our power to transform ourselves. A poet rightly says that, “Hope springs eternally in human heart.” In other words, whatever may be the position, there is always a room for hope and growth. After a fall, we can get up and begin again. But this message has to come from within us, and not from outside.

When difficulties smoother us and we feel that all is almost, then it is time to auto suggest to yourself, that past is finished and you can begin again. You have  to be, focused in whatever you do, as focus and the driving force and energy are interlinked. Our values and belief mould and shape our actions. Whatever be the position, you must never allow yourself to be, subjected to the negativity. Peter Drucker said, “ The best way to predict the future is to create it.” The best way to create your future is to meet it head-on. If you are not making the desired progress, it may not always be due to lack of efforts on your part. May be you are working hard, but not on the activities that should absorb all your attention. As there a constant change all around, we have to learn to adjust to it. Do not hesitate to have uncommon dreams. Remember that any special and singular ambition will require prudent, judicious and a sensible use of your time.

We all are supported and given confidence by other here we as, in our aspirations. Otherwise, we would not be where we are now, after a long journey in life. You should get up every morning with the resolve, that you would go to bed with a clear conscience whatever you wanted to achieve. Do not be one of those people, who hide behind the excuses, that I have nothing to achieve in my life or I have no excuse. As long as you are alive, and kicking, keep on striving to perform better and better. Do not be one of those crushed, who have lost the will. No harm comes to anybody for dreaming substantially and extensively. Pretexts, justifications and explanations are the gear and tools of the inept and hopeless. The reality is that such people have authorized and approved their fright and dread to paralyze their dreams and objectives. Do not hide behind the bogus security blankets of life. Go out and conquer the world.

Turn Your Creative Spark into a Flame by Joginder Singh, Former
Director, Central  Bureau of Intelligence(CBI), Govt. of India. .

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