Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Be A Winner 5

Organizing Your Life 

              It is important, to keep a detailed check list, to evaluate and measure, whether what you wanted, has been achieved, in the way and in the time, you wanted to accomplish. Writing down as to what you want to complete, will prevent, no only putting off fires, but also regrets, that you could have done better. I have noticed that whatever gets written and noted down, gets done. Remember, that there is always, a scope for doing everything better, sharper and faster. This way, we can achieve our success more rapidly. Get rid of whatever is not required and make place for whatever you need.
            Use your organizational skills to observe and monitor. If you can see, something, you can find it easily. Store the things, you frequently use, or need, in a way, that you can see them. We tend to forget whatever goes out of our sight. Hence, you should do the storage, in such  a way, that your things, papers and items are easily accessible. During winter all the summer clothing are packed or stored in almirahas, or boxes and you do the same with winter clothing, when the summer comes. The same principle, should apply to the things of day-to-day use. I, for instance, keep all my Bank papers and cheque books in one drawer of my working table and another one contains the items and accessories, like the IPod or MP 3 players, which are taken out once in a day during my morning walk.
          Storage requirements do change from time to time. We need to make room for them and adjust to such requirements. The underlying principle is, that what you need, should be easily traceable, available and visible to the extent it is possible. Follow the principle, which my best-organized friend, Tulakdar, does. He says, that just as, we keep things in bathroom systematically, so that we do not have to run for getting soap or oil or shampoo, the same thing we should have done in our day to day living and working.
          You can possess any gadgets like electronic organizers, or digital diaries or PDA or Personal Digital Assistants or Computers. These gadgets can be very useful and yet they are only part of the problem, as well as solution, to complete Your  To Do List. I have all these gadgets, but I personally prefer to use a paper diary. In fact, I use more than one diary and pad so that I do not forget whatever I have to do. We can make our mark, in life at any and every time. You do not have to wait for extraordinary circumstances, to raise high in your station of life.  Whatever you do, do it with a smile. It will take you to places.
          Whatever others may say, you have to discover your own ways to accomplishing your own goals. Often, we fail to reach our hopes, goals, and dreams, because we do not follow them up any real systematic arrangement. We need to have both planning and a follow up action. This is equally essential and applicable, whether your goal is a big or small. You can read many books on how to succeed, you have a plan for your own goals and you follow it up vigorously. In short, be clear about what you wanted, plan for it and most important implement it.

Turn Your Creative Spark into a Flame by Joginder Singh, Former
Director, Central  Bureau of Intelligence(CBI), Govt. of India.

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