Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Win 7

Never be a Half Success
     All of us desire to be, known as aces in whatever we do. It is the fondest wish of every human being to be, considered as successful. Generally, success and happiness go together. Instead of inventing the wheel, why not take advantage of the already existing invention. Learn from the experience of successful people, which either many of them have penned down in their own autobiographies or available in the biographies written by other. When faced with a problem, ask yourself what a successful person would have done in similar circumstances and then make your decisions accordingly. If you can directly talk or associate with successful people, try to learn from them as to how they reached where they are.
           As a principle, avoid negative failed, unsuccessful people and gloomy and depressing people. They are devastators and not developers. If you want to succeed, you should direct, focus and concentrate your powers on your purpose and aim. A reason, for failure of most people in life is that they only meander through their life and are not able to decide what they want. The result is that such people never become masters of anything in particular.  Concentration or Focus means, converging totally on this business and directing yourself, to do precisely, what you want to do. Focus is imperative and crucial, to all success in all fields. The person who does not concentrate, will become, a half success, a mediocrity or complete failure. Despite traffic regulations, that you must not use mobile phones, while driving, a number of people do it, leading to fatal accidents. Obviously, they are not focusing on driving.
          Many people say that they are in no mood to work. Remember, that your moods are, primarily the end result, of what you focus on.
The secret and basis of all success is to focus attentively, on the one outcome we desire. Focused mind, aptitude and competence, is one of the strongest forces of the world. A sharp in focus picture of our  head can bring about miracles. Concentration is the basis of all ability and clout. Doctors, who perform complicated operation on heart or eye, for correcting any body default, are able to do so, only through the power of focus.
         Focus, it is nothing but matter of managing our thoughts, through concentration. It is fastening or gluing, your concentration on a given issue or a subject matter, at will, regardless length of time, you choose. This is the secret corridor to power and prosperity.
        Winners and Champions whether in science or humanity or sports, or studies, develop this to a remarkable degree. We need to be learning to focus all the timeabout wonders , whether during the training or during actual performance.
       Our life is governed and directed by our thoughts. Thoughts symbolize energy and verve. Our habitual thoughts, whether conscious or unconscious, whether factually and plainly, bring into being our existence. Our thoughts attract similar people, events and circumstances to our life and our inclinations. By becoming skilled to deliberately and by design, to guide our thoughts, in a specific direction, we can replace any bad habit with a good one. This approach can bring  about wonders and marvel in our life. Keep in view, that the quality of a person’s life, depends upon his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavour. Concentrate all your efforts, on one definite chief aim and you will attain it. We should be committed to concentrate. Whthat erever we are, we should be there and when we work, we should work and when we play, we shou8ld be playing. v

Turn Your Creative Spark into a Flame by Joginder Singh, Former
Director, Central Bureau of Intelligence(CBI), Govt. of India,

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