Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Be a Winner-2

Apply this Game Plan

A man is known by the company he keeps. If you spend time with people better than you, you will imbibe some of their qualities. If you spend time with positive people, you will become positive and better. It is for this reason that our scriptures advise to keep the company of holy and good men. You will learn the way, they live or talk or behave or work. If you spend with complainers and gouchers, you cannot help become like them. Life itself is brief and fleeting. The way to make the most of it is not only learning by hit and trial, but also from those, who have made of their life and achieved what you want to achieve.

We need to take care that we do not allow energy drainers, to sap our strength and will/ We need all the energy and will that we can muster to accomplish all the tasks we wish to do. We must be comfortable and enthusiastic in doing whatever we want to do or adoing, for our peak level performance. You might have noticed how ill health and hipsickness saps our energy. Negativity and habit of complaining all the time is a sickness of the mind.

There are some people and events, which are energy drainers. They should be avoided like the plague.

Do the things, as a fun and enjoy whatever you are doing, whether you are working for yourself or an organization. Only those individuals and organizations thrive, which have clear goal. There are opportunities like around. You must not wait for the opportunity to knock. It will never know. You, your life, your skills are the opportunities.
One vital pre-requisite for success is to be able to communicate, clearly and concisely. Regrettably, about 80% of problems with other people are due to poor communication and a good communication can tackle this trouble.
            The people and situations around us are changing oand will change. Relationships go hey wire; friendships are broken and old colleagues. We should be ready to change with the change. Many conversations seem to go round and around, tempers flare, feelings get hurt, and directions get misconstrued,
Because we do not understand the other person’s point of view or change in this situation, The last courtesy, we owe to others is to understand their point of view by listening as to what they have to say.
When talking to others, we should focus on them. While we may not agree with them, the minimum we can do is to listen to them respectfully and reply to them politely even when we do not agree with them.
Remember that every person has exceptional knowledge, wisdom and his own point of view on the subject under discussion. Reduce or preferably eliminate the scope of arguments, sarcasm, disrespect, anger, resentment, and heartache.
You can add words like “Yes, I feel,,,,,,” “I respect your opinion and I see that ….” “I hear what you are saying and ……….” To sugar coat any differences and for saying “No”. Avoid  use of words, like “ You’re wrong.” “That’s stupid.” Or any other statement that erects invisible walls of defense or separation, between you and others.

Source: Turn  Your Creative Spark into a Flame by Joginder Singh, Former Director CBI, Govt. of India

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