Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Be A Winner4

   Using Time Well and to a Purpose is a Continuous Battle

                    When it comes to unkind criticism, put-downs, sabotage, and unfriendly competition the best strategy is to achieve, what others feel, that you cannot do. We all react, differently to criticism, sabotage and putdowns. Discover, as to how you are tackling the same and use the excellent technique, you can devise to deal with them. For working smarter, we need  to simplify, the way we operate and how we use our work style, to our best advantage.
             Apart from the To Do List, which most successful people use, you might specify the tasks you would prefer to do in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Of course, you are free to change it, in case the need arises. For instances, there are certain fixed hours of Banks, if you need to go there, to sort out your personal matters. Shops do not open very early in the morning. So shopping necessarily has to be done in the later morning or evening hours.
             Instead of running errands for the whole day, you might consider attending to all matters, when going in one direction, if they are geographically suitable, and convenient. Last week, while going to my dentist, for an appointment, I combined with a visit to the Bank, meeting my sister, who was hospitalized and doing some shopping. This was apart from returning the phone calls, which had remained unattended and unanswered, as well as catching up on the reading, when the driver was driving me around. I find that I am at my best early in the morning and so I attend to my highest priority work, which includes writing early in the morning or late in the night, when there are no interruptions. It is to have some schedule, so that you can fit all the activities, in accordance with the importance you want to give them.
             During my prime time, I avoid meeting visitors as some of th wem linger on, long after the work, they came, is over. Most people would like to telephone or meet you, when it is appropriate and suitable for them.  I return their approach, by giving a time, which is most suitable to me. Evidently, it makes some people unhappy, that I do not receive them whenever they want to drop in.  But I have to stuck to my guns and if  some people want to meet me to discuss a few things, then they have to adjust to my timings.
            Another thing, which you should be doing, is to have at spick and span atmosphere, environment and your working place. It is clearly a constant battle as we have a tendency to leave the things, on the nearest open space available. For instance, at the time of writing this piece, I notice, my digital diary, remote control of the TV, speakers for my IPOD, my shirt, my To Do List Diary, lying on my bed and an empty cup of tea on the side table of my chair. I do not attend to all these items, in putting their proper and right places in one go. When I get up, I pick up a few things and put them in their respective home. Incidentally, before finishing this piece, I got up to go to the bathroom attached to my study. It took me less than a minute to put all things in their correct places. Everything must have a home and it had better be there, to make it easy to retrieve it , for future use.
           As a routine, I de-clutter at least four to five times a day, to prevent my study, my work place, my computer, from being a graveyard of miscellaneous items. If do not do the same, we get overwhelmed and inundated by them. A clean place is attractive to work. But it requires a lot of small effort to do so. However, I assure you, that it is worth it.

Turn Your Creative Spark into a Flame by Joginder Singh, Former
Director, Central  Bureau of Intelligence(CBI), Govt. of India.

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