Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Police and Puvblic

  1. Role of Police in Public Protection

At the international level Interpol with 190 countries as members connects the police of different countries to make the world a safer place to live. Inter country crimes are handled by Interpol major being drug peddling and human trafficking in addition to other organized crimes like gang wars, smuggling, murders etc.

In our country’s  Federal system as enshrined in our Constitution, the police is recruited at 2 levels one at centre and second at state’s levels. .

At the centre, Police officers are selected through rigorous selection procedure  through Civil Services exam conducted Union Public Service Commission and  such officer are designated as I P SI(Indian Police Service)  officers. They are sent to the states by  Ministry of Home Affairs which is responsible for ultimate maintenance of law and order in the country.

At the state level, State Service Commissions conduct the exam for police officer and those officers support the IPS officers in maintaining law and order in the state.  Many officers of the rank of DSP and SP belong to the state cadre.

Other officers below the rank of DSP are selected through selection procedure adopted by the department of police.

Responsibility of the police is to protect the lives and property of the people, many security and surveillance divisions within the police are there in the state:
Crime Investigation Agency, CES Counter Espionage Services, Traffic Police, Cyber Crime Investigation Wing, Economic Offences Wing, Motor Vehicle Tracking Wing, Crimes against Child and Women Investigation Wing are major.

           The major crimes the police generally handles belong to :
1)      Corruption 2) Crime against Children or Child Abuse Crimes 3) Crime against Women 4) Cyber Crimes 5) Narcotic and Drug Crimes 6) Environmental Crimes ) Financial Crimes or Economic Crimes 7) Fugitive Investigation i.e. Proclaimed Offenders who do not surrender before law 8) Intellectual Property Crimes 9) Counterfeiting crimes (Fake Currency) 10) Maritime crimes – Pirates and ships  11) Organized Crimes 12) Pharmaceutical Crimes (Life of humans is dependent on many medicine – fake or duplicate of which are thrown in the market) 13) Tracing Missing Persons 14) Tracking and tracing Most Wanted Persons    

At the international level, Interpol’s Global Network assists the  police to track such crimes and at state level the national and state police track such crimes to make our world crime free. 

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