Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to be a Winner

Turn Your Creative
Spark into a Flame

Creativity and advancement invariably begin with an inspiration, thinking or a scheme. But, for many, the course ends there, because they had no plan as to what to do with it.
It is important to turn your ideas into an exciting activity, for giving you the edge. The objective of the edge is that you can become a leader in innovation and creativity, in your chosen reinforce a solid creative foundation in your life. This approach will facilitate innovation, and make problem-solving an easy process.
You need to appreciate and comprehend what you are obsessive or financial about in life. For accomplishing this, a clear approach or mission declaration or what truly drives and inspires will help you to concentrate on your creative gifts. A well calculated, planned foundation serve as a beacon on the path you want to tread. One thing you must learn to decide when to say yes or no to anything, depending upon, whether it will help your progression to your goal.
This course is crucial for inspired, artistic and inventive people, when they find themselves inundated by plentiful things to do and huge demands on their time.

Encapsulate Your Ideas

           A member to times, both during the day and night, including at  midnight, a number of great ideas occur to all of us. Quite often, later on, we cannot recall those ideas or remember when it will be useful or possible to put them into action.

 It can be as small a thing as depositing a cheque in the bank or making your payment for the goods you might have purchased, or sending insurance premium in time. It is important to create a system for translating your ideas into accomplishments. No hard and fast method can be laid down. I personally note down such things in a diary. It a diary is not handy, then I scribble the same down on a rough pad. I also use a mini tape recorder, for ideas for recording my ideas when going out of the house or when some idea occurs at midnight.

Each morning I collect all these ideas from my diary and other sources and start taking action. We have shifted to Dwarka, a suburb of New Delhi. I still have to go to central Delhi for some work or the other. I note down as to what is required to be done, in that direction, so that all commitments are honoured. For instance, a few days back, a friend invited for a lunch. It was followed by a TV recording which I had scheduled immediately after lunch. I further ended it by addressing a social gathering. It was all possible, because I had planned my day and what was to be done even during the journey of 45 minutes by car from my house to Connaught Place.

You can adopt any system that works best for you. Do not hesitate to be unusual and original in your approach. Experience shows that any time wonderful ideas, random thoughts, mental observations, worries, fears, and reminders keep encumbering us all the time.

By keeping a diary or tape recorder, you can transfer them to the same and keep your mind de-cluttered. Whatever is of general interest can be put in your diary. It is a good habit to record your mind’s ramblings and feelings over men and matters. This way, you can let off the steam over what you feel hurt or want to appreciate. This approach will  same, whenever it also enable you, to transfer whatever is going through your head to paper. You can put new ideas and dreams in your journal and try to implement the same, whatever it suits you.

I maintain a daily diary, which is almost a history of contemporary life in the country and how I feel about actions and dealing of others. Engage in activities that will entertain, amuse, and delight your imaginative and resourceful spirit. I download a few jokes every day so that I can enjoy a well-planned laughter, before going to sleep, also make it a point to read some humerous book or novel to cheer myself up. The objective is to keep your outlook fresh and your originality passionate. You can adopt a practice of  5 minutes of intentional laughing or reading jokes. The rationale is to encourage you to do something new and different that can revitalize your inventiveness and feelings.
Take time, to get tranquil and look into inner riches. What deeds, actions or activities keep you from your creativity? What situations in your life are diminishing your vigour and your ground-breaking productivity? Nurturing originality and initiative is a back-to-front occupation. If you are healthy within, you will be healthy outside.
Whatever may be the situation, keep your outlook and mindset happy and grateful. Express your gratitude for the simplest things, like jam-free traffic on the way to your house, or bright sunshine or good and kind neighbours. If you look around, you will find yourself grateful for all the good things of like television, domestic help to make your life comfortable or your friends or relations or things like even electricity or piped water supply, which was not available in India five decades ago. I recall that when for the first time we saw movie on the video cassette recorder, in 1980, we felt that it was a wonder of the century, that you could have a cinema theatre in your house. Mobile telephone which is taken for granted now and is totally commonplace, again we felt, was something reserved only for Gods. We need to express our gratitude for so many things right from scooters, cars, railways, aeroplanes and wonders of the modern medicines, which make it possible for man to lead quality and extended life.
     Make a list of five things for which you are grateful every day. Along with gratitude combine appreciation, as appreciating the creativity, good looks, and endeavours of others has a snowballing effect and brings reciprocal rewards to you. I find that when I appreciate my secretary’s efficiency,  not only it makes him happy but he puts in double efforts in doing his job still better. On the contrary, when I try to point out the defects of my staff, it does not make them happy.  When I have to find fault with anybody, I find fault with a particular lapse and not with the individual. Negativism always puts people off.
  Look at the universe as an exciting journey and never hesitate to have a go at assorted events. Failure is the only way to succeed. If you do not fail, then how will you learn the methods of success that suits your genius.   An inconsequential action for one person can be a huge victory for another. Owning a motor cycle can be a big jump for a person who has a cycle. Make it a point, to infuse your life by utilizing the talents you never believed that you had. You do not have to be creative on a grand or on a huge scale. In order to succeed in life, you must perform or do something. You will naturally ask, what action should be taken, when and why and where?
The answers to these questions are not difficult. Answers will depend upon what you want to accomplished and what kind of life you want to live. The answer to what to do next will depend upon your approach to the above questions. All answers to the above  will depend upon doing things, testing different method, understanding different ideas and discovering what will work best for you. We are to realize that each one of us is a different individual. However, the aim of each one of us should be to be the “Best of Best.”

Source: Turn Your Creative Spark into a Flame by Joginder Singh, Former
             Director CBI, Govt. of India

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