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Human Brain is the engine of the train called body.
Brain is a mass of nerve cells and nerve fibres Body• s functions are performed by different parts of the brain.
Cerebrum -the largest part of the brain comprises of two hemispheres • technically each of the hemisphere is called cerebral cortex and in easy language • left brain and right brain.
Brain is also called grey matter and consists of 1500 crore neurons. These neurons interact with each other to perform the various functions • vision(seeing), smell(smelling), hear(hearing), taste(tasting), touch and body remains in active form.
Skull is the sheath which covers and protects the brain. Human curiosity to know who• ..what• ..when• .where• .why• .how• are quenched through the brain.
Brain and heart are the two organs that start working right before birth and go on working till the last breath of human being.
Heart waves are measured mechanically by ECG (Electro Cardiograph) and Brain waves are measured by EEG (Electro Encephalograph).
Outer parts of the brain have their own important functions. The corpus callosum is the nerve fibre that link two hemispheres i.e. left brain and right brain. The cerebellum helps to coordinate movement and control balance.
The thalamus is a relay station. It processes all sensory nerve impulses before passing them on to the cortex.
The hypothalamus controls body temperature, blood pressure and the pituitary glands. The hind brain, which consists of the medulla oblongata, the pons and the cerebellum, controls the heart, lungs and digestive system.
Have we ever wondered why some people are more intelligent and others not that intelligent? Why some students learn faster than others? Why is examination not a fear for some students while others dread it?
Just think. Can blunt pencil write? No. Not at all. You need to sharp it to write on a paper. Same is with the brain. You need to sharpen your brain through concentration so that your imagination power may develop exponentially. It is all in your own hands. No destiny. Increase focusing and improve reading habits, you will be successful in exam, competitions, business, family management or life.
Have you ever thought why am I not achieving in life what I wish to achieve? Failures are the teachers. Pain is teacher. Keep a Life Book. Write on it when you fail and how you feel when others criticize, reprimand or reject you. It is learning from your all these failures when handled properly will make you successful.
Thomas Alva Edison- the inventor of electricity • always focused on his job and remained busy in inventing. One of his neighbours used to go and come from fields 2-3 times. He used to ask one question to Edison without fail • Mr. Edison you have failed 1001 times, 1002 times, 1003 times and so on • • .• It hurt and pinched Edison a lot. But he kept on working on his invention. Edison succeeded once and his invention i.e. electricity increased the day of human beings by 3 times. Before his invention human beings• day started when sun rose and day ended when sun went down. Who knows about that neighbour now. But everybody enjoys his invention i.e. electricity.
So, keep on working hard and you will be successful. There is nothing between you and your success except your hard work and smart work.
Following works for better performance in exams, competitions or business:
- Good Eating Habit - Food is fuel to body and mind. Stale food stales mind. 
- Fresh Fruit • a piece a day according to season.
- A glass of warm water with lime + honey or simple lime.
- 8-18 glasses of water daily.
- Listening to voiceless music i.e. Mind Power Music.
- Choosing what to read and what to leave. All books are not worthy of reading.
- Watching, entertaining, inspiring and encouraging useful programmes on TV.
- Reading extra material on internet and watching encouraging Videos on you TV.
- Surrounding yourself with encouraging people and winners.
- Avoiding and ignoring negative and discouraging people and friends. They are energy sappers.
- Using mind maps for understanding any difficult chapter or topic. Make mind maps and paste these mind maps before your eyes on the wall. Stand and look at these mind maps. Your mind will start thinking and making pictures of the topic in your mind. Success will be easy.
- Pray and ask God • Give me strength to be a better human being, to achieve what I want to achieve.
- Preparing Daily routine sheets and evaluating them to observe whether your habits 
match your goal or not.
- To make • TO DO LIST• and follow it.
- To apportion an hour• s study: 20 minutes reading, 20 minutes visualizing what you have read closing your eyes and 20 minutes writing to see whether you have grasped what you have read.
- Listen to those who are worthy of listening. Avoid verbal arguments, they generate heat and it disturbs mental peace and depletes positive energy.
- Learn to ignore excessive criticism. Criticism is like medicine. Less does not cure, excess affects immunity.
- Listen time and again to my TV interview on YouTube just below this search result. Follow the techniques told in the interview.
- Take full sleep and set daily goals to achieve in your desired result. Small steps 
make you scale a mountain like
Himalaya. Dare to take first step. Keep on taking 
steps and success will be yours.
- Read motivating stories or comments on daily basis. Read jokes before going to bed.
- Plan for tomorrow before going to bed in writing.
- Direct your thinking process to conceive and believe what you want to achieve.
- Be your own friend.
- Be alone and close your eyes to reflect upon what you are doing.
Follow your dreams until they become realities. 
Every obstacle is coated with an opportunity. It took
Columbus 18 years to find a financer and he discovered America. Who knows the financer but people know Columbus. 
If you are not interested, nothing is interested. 
BELIEVE: A person can achieve anything in life by harnessing his powers which are within the person not outside the person. EVERYBODY IS GIFTED, SOME DO NOT OPEN THE GIFT PACK THROUGHOUT LIFE. A boy at the age of 16 listed 147 things he wanted to do. Wonder, by the age of 47 he achieved ALL and had to re-make his list for doing more things. This is the wonder of planning and acting. Just thinking does not work, work works. Avoid LOSERS, company WINNEERS.
If the ship has to find new unknown places and discover new islands, she needs to move from the harbour for long. Same is with humans. A person needs to leave comfort zone to find better opportunities and achieve higher goals in life. Success is trade off between good, better and best. For achieving better, we need to leave good. And for being Best, we need to leave good and better. We have competition with none but ourselves. 
A sculptor was sculpting a statue and another same statue was lying by his side. A passerby came and kept on watching the sculptor. After watching sometime, the passerby asked the sculptor • You need two statues of same shape.• • No• was the answer. • Then why are you sculpting this statue? It is same.• • The nose of the old statue is bit broken,• sculptor replied. 
After a pause, the passerby enquired, • Where do you want this statue placed?• 
• There,• pointing towards a wall which was 25 feet high, Surprised, the passerby remarked, • Who can know that the nose of the statue is bit broken?• Sculptor looked at him, smiled and then answered, • I know that nose is broken.• Passerby went by murmuring • This man is mad.• 
Same applies to us. Only we know the quality of work we do. Only we can improve it. We should not need any evaluator to point out what is wrong with our work. Only we can improve our work to be good, better and best. Excellence comes from practice and learning from mistakes.
This posting has been written, re-written many times so that when you read it should help you to improve .
- When you LOSE, don't LOSE lesson.
- Always feel good by doing exercise, deep breathing and reading some joke book or watching comedy serials.
- Body needs oxygen which is called Prana - the life. Deep breathing is the way to increase oxygen and energise body. It helps in reducing laziness and procrastination. It activates body and mind.
Generally, there are two reasons for failure. 1. Lack of right guidance, counseling and mentoring by an expert 2. Lack of concentration and following right routine.
How right guidance improves the performance? Ms. Dyvyadarshini the topper of IAS 2011 told in many interviews that she read many books, worked very hard and appeared in IAS but could not make it. Next year she sought counseling, guidance and mentoring from a Professor and topped IAS. Less labour better result. A student of MAT (entrance test for MBA), approached me and asked which coaching centre is better. She was suggested a few books and no coaching from any centre. She scored 90.83%ile and has done her MBA and now serving in a Bank.
For reason No. 2,Yoga, meditation and concentration methods like focussing eyes on the tip of nose or focussing eyes on the tip of pencil from a distance are helpful. Mechanical apparatus also help in increasing concentration. These methods make you more sharp, alert and agile so that you may learn more in less time. It is the speed of reaction that makes a participant 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a race- be it an exam, sport or business.

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