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MY FIRST JOB   by Prof. P.K.Keshap

in Careers / Career Management    (submitted 2011-10-27)

Sukhwinder alias Sukhi (Real name withheld for privacy) is a son of a service man. His father retired after putting in about 38 years of service. His father got a large sum of money as retirement benefits. During his service, the father had been able to get his two sons educated. Sukhi is B.Tech and his elder brother is Agril. Engineering.
The elder brother migrated to Canada from India and was a permanent resident there. Now Mr. Sukhi having passed the final year of B.Tech was dreaming of migration to Canada. Everyday, he used to quarrel with his father and accused his father that despite having worked for over 30 years, he could not develop a good network so that his son could get a good job.
The answer of the father was very simple, plain and direct. I have worked honestly in a department of Govt. of India and have worked with honor and pride. I can't go and ask anyone for the job.
Daily routine of Sukhi: Getting up early in the morning and directing mother to prepare good breakfast for him. Then, taking the motor cycle and start it for meeting the friends and acquaintances. During a month, 25 days, eat the lunch with friends and others. No information to parents. Parents always lived under fear and worried that this boy may not create a problem for them. The invisible scare could be well seen on the face of his mother though father always went on whining and cursing the son.
On the one side parents were worried about his future, on the other side they were under psycho pressure their son may not go astray and be anti-social or drug addict. In the evening, Sukhi will come and take the remote control of television and start it sleeping on the sofa.
Always directing mother to bring this or that; cook good, tasty eatables. Once father or mother asked about what he was doing, unending quarrel will start. The quarrel will culminate into heated arguments and then Sukhi will jump from sofa and run from the home. Many times, he told his parents, that he will leave the house and stay outside without food. He will die but will not come back.
Listening to this, mother used to panic and shed tears. She then started to quarrel with father and blamed him for bad behaviour and daily nagging of the young son.
One day, Mr. Bhatti a friend of the father, came to meet father of Sukhi. The helpless and hopeless father, fed up with the behaviour of the son opened up his heart to the friend. "Listen my dear friend, I have a big problem. My son is B.Tech in Computer Science and is sitting at home idle for the past 6 months. He asks me daily to arrange a job for him. How can I do that? I have worked in Government Department as an officer. I don't know what is Computer Science and he asks me for the job? I am totally troubled and confused. I thought I will enjoy my retired life, but this boy has turned my life into hell. Every day quarrel and blaming me for his life is really intolerable. I gave him 50% of the share of my bank balance and the sold off land but instead of using it for his own benefit, out of anger as a protest, he deposited the money in my account. This has pained me further. What should I do? Please suggest me. I shall be thankful to you if you could find a solution to this big problem."
Mr. Bhatti was sympathetic and lent his services to mentor the arrogant child. He told the father of Sukhi, " You make your son to visit me some day. I will mentor him." Father consulted the mother and mother agreed.
After some days of the visit of Mr. Bhatti, the father told the son that the job has been arranged and Sukhi can go to meet Mr. Bhatti with his bio-data.
The son was happy. He immediately went to internet café and got his bio-data made. With a 2 page bio-data, Sukhi reached at the residence of Mr. Bhatti.
After formal enquiries, Mr. Bhatti allowed Sukhi to come in and they both sat over a cup of tea. While having tea, the bio-data was scanned by Mr. Bhatti. He kept the bio-data aside and addressed Sukhi.
"Mr.Sukhi, you are B.Tech and sitting without job at home for the past 6 months."
"Yes uncle. My father has not used his influence to get me a job."
"Why don't you try?" asked Mr. Bhatti.
" I have given bio-data to more than 20 companies and offices but I have not received any call so far. Whosoever offers me a job, his salary is very low."
"How much?"
"Just Rs.3500 to 4000. Is this the value of a B.Tech person? I won't join less than Rs, 15000/- p.m."
" You are a fool. You are sitting at home and quarreling with father and mother. Entire day you are either going to meet friends or sitting on sofa to watch TV. This is depreciating your brain and education. Go and work even without salary. Working in some office means observing and listening to good and intelligent people. This means adding knowledge and value to your education. Your prospects of work will increase."
The suggestion appealed to Sukhi and the very next day, he joined an office from where he had received the call to join.
Sukhi had not completed a week, when a DSA of a bank visited his office. This DSA offered him Rs. 7000/-. Sukhi worked there for 10-12 days, when another DSA of another bank offered him Rs.15000/-
Sukhi did not resign but joined the job with this DSA.
Sukhi had worked with this DSA for about 15 days when a Software Development Company person came into his contact and that company asked him to develop a software.
Sukhi is an intelligent guy. He developed the software and the company paid him Rs. 20000/- and offered him a job. Sukhi again left the job and joined the software company. Sukhi did not bother to recover his dues from these 3 earlier employers.
Now within a period of 1-1/2 month Sukhi was Software Engineer. Sukhi used to work on internet. On internet, he went on searching jobs in Canada. His efforts brought fruits.
A company from Canada offered him a job. He migrated to Canada and is now earning Canandian $ 60000 (Rs. 18,00,000 per annum if translated in Indian Currency) Happy Sukhi now comes home from Canada and parents go to pick him up from the Airport. All are happy.
Trees are born out of seeds. Dare and join the work at small pay and it will grow into big jobs. 

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