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Relaxation   by Prof P.K.Keshap

in Spirituality / Meditation    (submitted 2011-05-03)

Relaxation is of 2 types- Physical and mental. For physical relaxation you sleep at night and body is charged. But for mental relaxation you need to meditate. Meditation is simple process of inhaling and thinking that your breath is going to heart, going to gall bladder, from gall bladder to lungs, from lungs to stomach and liver, then to small intestine, and from there to big intenstine. Thereafter feel as if the breath is going to kidneys and then urinary bladder. Before doing this close your eyes and start feeling as if your breath is moving in different parts of the body. During this process feel as if the breath is moving from one part of the body to another part of the body and you are a soul. Say to yourself, " I am soul and God is my creator." Slowly slowly you will start feeling relaxed. Every day 20 minutes practice will enable you feel relaxed mentally and your mental ability will start increasing. Your vision will grow. You will be able to move from gross body to subtle soul through mind.
This process will enable you to control your thoughts and senses from thinking any activity that can affect the society wrongly or human beings wrongly. You will be more humane mentally. You will see that you have gained good control on your mind and the mind is now less churlish.
Your reaction to the world and worldly things as well as trivial matters will be receding.
Major benefits of the meditation:
* You will feel relaxed
* You will react the moods and emotions of the others in a cool way
* You will feel that you have less anger, anguish and anxiety.
* You will feel that your relationship with others are getting better and better.
* You will develop a sense of concern for all around you.
* You will have a feeling that all of us are the sons and daughters of God.
For all this: Just sit at a peaceful place say room, bank of a river, lap of nature etc.
Close your eyes. Think as if you are a soul and repeat the words "Iam soul.
Body travels, soul transcends. So, why fear death. Death comes once in a life but fear of death goes on haunting for whole of life.
FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.
Now you inhale through your nose and allow your breath go to your head.
* Say: hello eyes
* Say hello to your nose
*Say hello to your lips
*Say hello to your larynx
* Go on saying hello to all the organs of your body as detailed above.
When you will be saying hello to each and every organ you will find that these organs are being energised. This process practised continuously will enable your nervous system to remain cool during stressful situations too.

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Prof P.K.Keshap
Prof P.K.Keshap
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