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The child is born in a family and inherits many traits from his parents and lineage.
Biology throughout the world is same. Male and females are born and inhabit this world. Neuter gender is also the reality.
One Earth and one humanity. We should be mentally world citizens rather than the citizens of a country or nation.
It is the socio-cultural factors that differ from place to place. Dress, living mores, Language and rules of the family, community, locality and nationality make a large difference in a child• s personality.
For the development of child, nurturing plays a greater role than nature. Nurturing is provided by law as protector, education institutions and the society at large. Family plays a great role in nurturing. 
IN majority of the cases, mother and environment around mother makes the child confident or coward to a great extent. Weaker and wrong environment impacts the mind of the child negatively and concepts of life become weak and negative.
As the world is developing and reducing itself into a global village, physical superiority is losing its sheen and intellectual superiority is becoming the reality day by day.
I don• t fear law. I respect and obey law. Without law the life in the society is nothing but a wild living where the rule of the • might is right• applies.
But law wants us to behave like human beings and not like animals. Human beings respect human beings, protect earth, environment and everything mother NATURE has given.
How the law operates.
Supposing we • say Jack and Jill (from our old childhood poems)- are two friends living in an area where there is no civilization, no development, no community. Obviously, no rules, no law too. 
We two start living there. We do what we like. Eat, drink, sing, cry, quarrel and make merry.
But after some time, we get fed up from this unbridled freedom of action. We both sit together and make some rules.
I (Jack)request Jill, • please don• t sing while I am sleeping.• 
Jill stubbornly says, • why• . I convince him that this creates nuisance for me.
I assure him saying, • Jill I will not make noise when you sleep. You will enjoy the sleep well and after the sleep you will feel mentally and physically recharged.• Jill agrees.
This is the first law of our life. As civilizations developed, population increased and laws also became complicated for the purpose of real life enjoyment.
Family rules, community rules, social rules, local laws, state laws, national laws and international law came into existence to govern our lives and make our living better.
Law has two ingredients: One is the • spirit of law• known to the makers of law i.e. legislation ( our parliament and president) and interpreters of law (lawyers and judiciary) and another is the • letters of law• known to the operating mechanism of law i.e. law enforcing agencies. These law enforcing agencies like IAS, IPS, IRS, ED, CBI are permanent.
Law makers go on changing through elections. They represent the people. People are the real owners. You may understand it in a way that a family head makes the rule for children and family. Similarly, government • the ruling party and the parties in opposition along with president make laws in India.
So, law is a set of rules, governing individuals and their lives, states and countries equally.
All these laws prevail in the society so that an individual may live peacefully and peaceably so that he and his neighbor may enjoy full living.
Now you know law is the mechanism that provides safe and sound environment so that good ethical marketing and economic forces may flourish and individuals may develop to the fullest extent of their intellectual potential.
There is only one superiority in the world and that is the • superiority of the intellect• . Not only this law also protects humanity at large and Nature in its entirety for all the generations to come.
Good ethical marketing and economics is largely responsible for the welfare and development of human beings and protection of Earth, environment and everything relating to mother NATURE. 
I hope the concept of law is clear and you agree. For a human being, it is very important to express his feelings, emotions and sentiments for fullest development of mind.
Suppression of free and frank feelings, emotions and sentiments by the human beings as is prevalent in closed societies cause very dangerous mental blocks. Human beings wreathe under this mental suppression. Google blogging and various Ezines like Go.Articles are the best ways to express feelings and emotions. The search engine is bringing the human beings of different cultures of the world closer mentally. Today's law is the total sum of all laws made, amended and deleted right from the day life started on our planet Earth.
Thereby, it is reducing the mental sickness among the human beings. Is there any other mechanism that can do this Herculean Task?
Respect law, obey law and be lawful. Becoming anti-social and anti-law costs in life. Law gives right and expects good behaviour from us-the beneficiary of law.
Knowledge of rules and law gives wings to our basic personality

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