Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Letter to Google

Dear friends at Google,

I have a problem. Please help.

1. Thank you for your 15GB cloud space Free of cost.
2. Now my account is showing usages of 102% and no email is being received since 6th October, 2016.
3. I tried to buy 1 TB by using my Rupay Debit card but the billing section did not accept it. The amount was Rs. 650/-.
4. I went to bank and the bank told me that only Rupay card is issued in India. Master Card or Visa Card have been discontinued.
5. Under the circumstances, please let me know how can I make a payment of Rs. 650/- for availing 1 TB space.
6. I shall be grateful to you for this.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Man is the product 

of his own thoughts. 

चित्र और मित्र 

इंसान का

 चरित्र बनाते हैं।  

दोनों पर हर समय ध्यान दें। 

ढूंढने से सब कुछ मिलता है। 
हाँ समय जरूर लगता है। 
कोलम्बस का सुपना था 
कि शिप (पानी के जहाज ) पर दुनिया का चक्र लगायूं। 

उसका सपना पूरा करने के लिए 18 साल लगे। 

Training is everything .  

No training , no skill 

No skill , no work 

No work , no money 

No money , no life 

Beggars beg . They merely survive . 

So , learn a skill , be skillful. 

Love what you do or do what you love . 

Doing what you don't  love is  stress

माड़ी सोच


पैर की मोच 

इंसान को जीवन में 

आगे नहीं बढ़ने देती। 

Monday, October 3, 2016

EGO vs. Respect



Saturday, September 3, 2016

ICFMCF-16 at IIT Madras


I was invited by IIT, Madras to participate in International Conference on Financial Markets and Corporate Finance on 12 and 13th August, 2016.

I attended the conference.

It was an  excellent learning experience to listen to the erudite professors from the USA.

More than 200 Ph.D students presented their papers and their presentations were conducted in hall 1 to VIII of IIT, Madras.

What drew my attention was :

1. The ambiance was excellent. It was just like passing through a safari.

2. The deer, the monkeys were moving freely on the roads and administrative department.

3. The statue of elephants were there on the circle near to our conference hall.

This all made me think more. I inferred from this:

1. The learner in IIT, Madras will develop a heart of tolerance for technology and natural habitat and love for animals. And this learning will make her/him a person to retain balance in technological advancements and natural habitat.

2. Planet earth belongs to animals, birds and humans alike.

3. Elephant is an epitome of strength and love. The man should  develop a personality like elephant and not like lion. Elephant moves in busy cities and children do not fear but enjoy its ride. People come and touch and feel good. Same should be our personality.          Contrary to this: lion is an epitome of power.

When lion roars, all the animals in the jungle feel threatened and start running. No animal comes near to lion fearing that it can prey on the animal.

And lion, though considered strong, dies starved and alone.   Similarly, the humans who wield power of wealth or any thing else do not leave a legacy but leave the world isolated and alone.

Lion though considered powerful lives and dies always wanting. Lion does not enjoy the life, but takes it as a race and keep running and in the end too feels exhausted and frustrated.

So, the virtues of elephant should be imbibed in one's personality. This is what I learnt from those statues.        

Tuesday, August 16, 2016





Following are some of the characteristics observed over a period of time by the experts about

Successful people and Unsuccessful/struggling people:


- Do not storm the head for explanations or discussion but focus on SEEKING SOLUTION to a problem. They are real and believe in real world.

- Have podcasts and audio books to boost their knowledge through learning. They don't waste time on reading physical books.

- They always focus to create a future rather than delivering a commentary on future or regretting past.

- They keep failing and learn from their failures. They try and fail and abhor quitting. 

-  They set goals.   Dreams when dated become goals.
-  They act and trust act changes the life.

- They know money is only a tool. 


-  Sees problems 
- Watches the news  and reads the newspaper especially takes interest in negative news.
- Stuck in the past and regrets it. 
- Criticises - this world, the people around, the situations
- lives in comfort zone
- Believes - money is the root of all evils. 

Self Learning


DO WHAT IS RIGHT ...............



Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Principles of Life

This is an email from my dear friend from Australia Mr. P.G.J. Sinclair. Whatever good I receive and feel useful, I share with world community. 

ProfHere are the principles that I personally aspire to have operating in my life - just thought I'd share them with you... PGJS(Peter)
  • Show respect.
  • Keep your word.
  • Pursue excellence in all that you do.
  • Take time to listen.
  • Be  a giver more than a receiver.
  • Think the best of others.
  • Encourage others to become the best they can possibly become.
  • Offer a timely and encouraging word.
  • Say sorry.
  • Smile first.
  • Remember a name.
  • Lend a hand.
  • Give in secret.
  • Let others do the job of ‘blowing your trumpet’.
  • Be there.
  • Spend quality time.
  • Be kind.
  • Write the random love note.
  • Give the unexpected gift.
  • Return the vehicle with the fuel tank full.
  • Go the extra mile.
  • Pay someone else’s bill.
  • Say please and thank you.
  • Lift up in preference to pulling down.
  • Overlook faults.
  • Say nothing when withheld words represent wisdom.
  • Speak up when spoken words are necessitated.
  • Correct in private.
  • Applaud in public.
  • Hold the hand of another when words fail.
  • Refrain from trying to fix everybody.
  • Be the student, even though you may be the teacher.
  • Walk in humility.
  • Live in serenity.
  • Appreciate the simple.
  • Express gratitude.
  • Live in a state of thankfulness.
So let me encourage you to always seek to do as you would want to be done, and that way you will live a fulfilled life.
Be blessed!
Peter G. James Sinclair
Outasight Enterprises, PO Box 1218, Mudgeeraba, QLD 4213, AUSTRALIA

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Know your world.

Which world do you live in?

Digital world or
Physical world

Physical world(the real people i.e. family and friends) is always around you throughout life

But digital world cannot help you when you need physical help: 

for example if you meet with an accident and need someone to attend on you in the hospital, you need physical presence of loved one (s), not gazettes from digital world or digital relationships.

Choose well. 

Which relations to be developed – digital world or the world around you i.e. people you meet every day. 

By relations, I mean the time, one spends to develop the relation with. 

In modern days, understanding of humans is decreasing and attachment to digital gazettes is increasing. Balance is required.

Digital gazette cannot hug you and you cannot feel the pleasure of hug you get from your loved one or mom. 

When over expectations meet with rejections, it hurts. So, beware.