Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2-Day Workshop on Participatory Teaching


As the school was to re-open on 1st July after summer vacation, the school management represented by one of my old colleague and friend Mr. Rakesh Arora, invited me to be the Chief Speaker and Mentor for the 2 day workshop on Participatory Teaching.

About 35 teachers having qualification of
1. ETT (Elementary Teacher Training)
2. B.A
3. B.A, B.Ed
4. M.A, B.Ed
5. M.A, M.Ed
6. M.A, B. Ed with Dip. in Counseling

in general participated. The workshop was divided into two parts:

1. Philosophical Teaching - that is sharing general awareness about the subject and its background.
2. Specific Teaching: that is focusing  upon the teaching skills and presenting and delivering in such a way as may bring out the best out of the student/learner.

The school is having 100% results, director said. "We do not approve of any unfair means and for this we are famous in the area. Poor performer do not join our school. Even the parents who believe that their children will be helped in their wrong deed do not dare to get their wards admitted in our school.
We have about 1200 students at present from LKG to 10th class."

I know the stuff of the director. Because he and his family  is in my touch for the past about 20 years.

The session started with

- Hey Malik Tere Bande Hum , neki par chalen aur badi se talen taki hanste huye nikle dum
  ( O God, we are your children. Empower us to follow the right path to lead a life of righteousness and avoid the wrong path so that we may breathe last easily and happily to reach in your lap."

- Thereafter, introductions- mine through video and teachers in person.
- Deliberations on various qualities of good teacher and how they should behave in class and outside class.

- Teacher is VIP -
- Teaching is a most satisfying profession in the world as we touch human lives, have the opportunity to lead a life among lively environments like: games, contests, singing, playing etc. No other profession in the world offers these kind of co-curricular rather co-profession activities.

2nd day was Teaching Specific:

Teachers were given lecture on:
- Discipline
- Self conduct- inside the class and outside the class in society.
- Subject specific expertise
- Punctuality and its importance.
- Education and its meaning
- Total personality development of the child.

We all had tea and lunch together. That session was like networking in business meets.


Monday, June 22, 2015

Process of success

I was thinking the various steps involved in the success and analyzing the various experiences over a period of 57+ years, I found:

1. Think soft
2. Think hard
3. Sieve an idea (soft)
4, Make the idea hard.
5. Idea should be for practical world.
6. Implement the idea
7. Try, fail and learn
8. Keep trying, keep failing and keep learning.
9. Every time the idea fails, new learning pops up in the mind. Make it hard. Always keep pen, pencil and paper with you to make your thinking hard. Keep on filing these ideas on paper in a file. Or just save them with a tag.
10. As Swami Vivekananda says: Every idea is first ridiculed, then opposed and at the end is accepted. Every successful spirit must keep this in mind and work without quitting. Winners are not those people who never fail but those who never quit.
11. Keep refining or improving.
12. Keep learning from criticism in a positive way. A successful inventor shared: We used to receive 800 emails daily that criticized our brand. But we took it as feedback to improve the brand and today our brand is amongst the top most brand in the world. Thanks to the critics who took time to test our product and kept sending emails.

13. After this SUCCESS FOLLOWS.


 This is an email received from my friend Peter Sinclair, Australia. I enjoyed it and sharing for your enjoyment.

I have spent the past week celebrating the birthday of my three year old grand daughter.

I lost count of how many times we blew out candles and sang happy birthday - in three part harmony mind you.

I personally don't believe in birthdays. I prefer birth-weeks.  That way we can celebrate in many different ways and in many varied formats over an extended period of time. The celebration can be prolonged and embellished in this manner because I truly believe that a precious life is worth celebrating.

Life passes too quickly to simply go through the motions.

Life must be celebrated.

Find any excuse to celebrate.

Celebrate a victory. Celebrate a loss and the lessons learned from the experience. Celebrate the start of a vision fulfilled. Celebrate moving forward with the project. Celebrate the completion. Celebrate the efforts of others.

Celebrate the BIG. Celebrate the small.

Stop the wheels. Hop off the bus. And celebrate.

You will be fired up. You will be inspired. You will make others feel highly valued.

Now that's something worth celebrating.

Be blessed!
Peter G. James Sinclair

PS: While we're considering birthday celebrations here's a video of my youngest daughter's birthday celebration a couple of years ago.

Monday, June 1, 2015

First day at work.

Greatest day of life as I view is the "first day at job."

After 15/17 years of education, the tedious job is to find a job. Preparing bio-data and submitting the same to job providers, facing interviews and accepting rejections and comments unworthy of hearing becomes an intolerable task.

A question that generally confuses the fresher: Do you have experience? When the interviewee is fresher and has been called for the interview as fresher how can s/he have the experience?

Very few interviewers come prepared for the interview. They take the job interviewing the candidate like writing a letter to client or customer.

In many organizations, an hour's a day's interview is ritual. Many times, the interviewers are less educated and are not aware about the job profile and expectations from the interviewee.

IQ instead of EQ remains the focus in interviews.

But for better results, EQ also matters. Experts say IQ (Formal education)_+ Experience counts for 20% and EQ or common sense and etiquettes count for 80%. Once the interviewee is emotionally and  mentally attached to the organization, loyalty and results ensue without effort.

It is well said: Take care of your people and your people will take care of your business.

The interviewer (s) does not realize that this may be a routine job for him/her but this is a special and most important job for the interviewee. Getting a job is a life time dream of a person. Hence, thorough before hand preparation is most important.

Interview is a bridge between the organization and new person. It is nothing less than bringing a new bride in the house and making her aware about the nature, mood, rules and behavior expected from her for the family members and others in the community the family lives.

Today, is the day when a new young boy who is BBA with Diploma in Electronics going to join as Marketing Executing in the small organization being run by a young Electrical Engineer manufacturing Electrical Control Panels, Industrial Cooling Units. The young engineer invited me to interview this new entrant.

Now the scene at the interview:

I was sitting all alone in the room.

The interviewee sought permission and entered the room. I could see he was gasping. I gave him a glass of water and told him to sit on the chair and feel easy.

"This is a positive interview not rejection exercise, so please feel easy and sit."
He overcome his nervousness and I saw that the perspiration on his face disappeared rather was soaked by the air of the fan.

He was feeling fresh. I glanced through his certificates and testimonials.

"Good performance," was my comment.

Glow in eyes of the blushing young man returned. His age is about 23 years.

"What are you co-curricular activities?"

"I sing, I dance, I play, sir"


"Can you sing a song for  me?"

"Which one, sir?"

"Which you deem fit and like the most?"

He paused for a while and started singing. I closed my eyes and listened carefully.

After 2/3 minutes, the song was over.

Many may be thinking that the selection in the interview was so easy. Just a song. Singing a song in front of an unknown, first time met person is a bold act. This is the requisite trait expected from a marketing man. A marketing person has to meet with new people, unknown people, weird people and retain the relationship. 20% sales comes from the new customers while 80% sales comes from the old satisfied customers.

For the new customer: This new interviewee has boldness to meet, to introduce the organization and the products organization manufactures.

For the old customers: This new interviewee has the ability to retain the relationship using his positive attitude that have been tested by listening to his song. He is a team player.

So, a good interviewer can judge all these traits in a minute. As regards to intellectual skills, his certificates and testimonials are the proof. Why to raise new questions? He is fit to be tamed, trimmed and made fit for the profile of his job.

"You are selected."

Out of respect and awe he looked at me with gratitude. With tears of happiness in his eyes about to well up  his  cheeks, he said: Thank you, sir.

"When would you like to join?"

"Tomorrow, sir."

"No. Join after 3/4 days. Go and meet your nears and dears, relatives and friends. After joining you will come regularly on the job. No leaves. So, come and join on 1st June."

"What will be the pay package, sir?"

"Work for one month and let us observe your attitude, your way of working, your punctuality and the pay package will be the best in the industry."

"Right, sir. I will come on 1st June."

Today, is his joining day. I have prepared all the information necessary for him. I have bought a rose flower to welcome him.

Working honorary for young entrepreneurs gives a lot of satisfaction. At this age with experience, I feel I am helping them.

First good boss is better than big fat pay package is my advice to all who start their career. Good boss teaches good etiquettes, manners and traits that pay whole of life.

Once this is learnt, pay package keeps on becoming fat, fatter and fatter.



A speaker in the seminar said: Being an interviewer, keep in mind:
1. Attitude of the candidate is religion.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015










Inner Beauty -the Blissfulness

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For many years, months and days I was in dilemma " how to find inner happiness" unlimited, undevided which is referred to "blissfulness" in holy scriptures.

Despite my diet change, thought change, chanting change, in depth study of holy scriptures, I was unable to feel happy from inside. My mind always found something negative with the world, with the people around me and with everything which is real. I took shelter in the not-real.

But one word that attracted my attention a lot: Visualize and that visualization becomes reality. I started focusing. I concentrated deep. I meditated deep on this sentence and yester night in my visualization I came across 3 words: hate, love and hug.

Whenever the visualization about people I have around me, situations I face in daily life and my expectations from others popped up in my half-sleep mind, 3 reactions were felt by my body and mind.

1. People , situations and expectations appear:  . My self talk: I hate you, I hate the situation, I hate my efforts because my efforts are not giving me the expected results, I hate myself as I am not worthy. Now the word "hate" generates heat, makes me uncomfortable, sleep is disturbed. I was wondering. It is the word and it was creating so many reactions in my body and my mind

2. People, situations and expectations appear. .My self talk: I love you, I love the situation, I love my efforts because my efforts are  giving me the expected results though not in direct proportion, I love myself as I am worthy and no  body can make me worthless. I am educated, experienced, I will focus more on my work and less on gossip, I will not waste time, I will be more productive than mere busy.
Wow just changing the the word "hate" with love generated peace in mind and body and sleep was comfortable and sound.

3. People , situations and expectations appear:  . My self talk: I hug you, I hug the situation, I hug my efforts because my efforts are giving me the expected results, I hug  myself as I am  worthy and intelligent.

Use of this word in subconscious mind too generated somewhat the same feelings as the word "love.: I felt my body is experiencing peace beyond my expectations, all along serenity was prevailing and my sleep was more sound and dreamless. 

I have really benefitted from this small mental exercise. Today I am more relaxed, more fresh and think that during the day I will be more productive too as smile will remain on my face. Yes, I observe fast two days a week to balance my over indulged food. Sprouted beans are my breakfast with lemon water.

I miss evening meals 2-3 times a week. I am 58 and quite active.
You too can use this and feel good. This is not my copyright.

Monday, May 11, 2015


My friend told:          
 I was suffering from a very vicious disease that had no remedy with others.        
Some said this OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) others said the change in your body is natural and nothing can avoid it.       
But, I felt this was not right.     

 I hated world, I held the world and worldly people and my dear ones responsible for all this. ''
When the body is weak and fearful thoughts emerge in the mind, through mouth and mind, one holds others and circumstances responsible. 

As key is to lock the house, so is mouth to lock the mind. Mouth open unpleasantly destroys relationships. In my view,  attitude is religion, soft skills are relationship builders, character is God. Lock the mouth and your bad reactions to the world are hidden.

Yes one more remedy, do not open the mouth and speak everything what is non-pleasant to others and speak loudly what is pleasant and builds relationships.

Healthy relationships are life. Wounds caused by sword can be healed but wounds caused by biting unpleasant words cannot be healed.       Toxic relations make the life toxic too.

But I never stopped believing in the creator.      
So, perhaps, through his grace, an elderly person known to me advised: Do this and you will feel good.        

It was a just a ray of hope in the dark.

For about 7-1/2 years, my life was totally derailed.

Depression, cardiac arrest and hopelessness was suffered by me .                   All felt that I will not bounce back in life.    

 But I did and am living well and more productively. 
  Fears I faced earlier have  flown away.      
 What does not kill strengthens  us.

So, now the advice of the elderly person    
(1)  Pay respects and bow to your Guardian God . Guardian Gods  are the spirits of your ancestors in heaven.  Go and pay respects. They will help you . Have their icons at your home and ask them to help you . Like living parents, they too protect you.   Guardian God bless you. Have an attitude of gratitude. Time heals every wound. Trust it. Believe it and wait for good days.  
2) Do positive self talk      e.g. I am healing, I am getting better  and better day by day, good days are coming, world is good, people are good.

3) Focus your mind on what you have rather than what you wish to have in future.

4) Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you . Know your strengths and focus on them. Shine them. The weaknesses will automatically be overcome. Do your SWOT analysis in writing.  Pay not any attention to others opinion about yourself. Only you know who you are and what you can do. But do every thing in writing. It will help you. Mental planning and work causes mental tension. Create a habit of writing and you will see that you are more intelligent and powerful than what others tell or you think.

5) As the key is to lock of the house, mouth is to your mind. Appreciate in public and depreciate in private or do not depreciate others at all. Hating and disliking causes unnecessary tension in mind. Avoid it. Program your mind yourself consciously. Closing your eyes, talk positive and forgive others.

6) Do not react to others and feel jealous of others' progress. Or this will break you down mentally and physically.  Healthy attitude about life keeps the life happy, healthy and prosperous            plus disease free. Mind is the engine of the train called body. Healthy mind creates healthy body. Avoid self-medication. It destroys immunity of the body. Immunity is the natural healing power of the body. Let the body repair itself through positive thinking and self-talk.

7) Be less suspicious. Changing attitude everything changes. World was before you and world will be here after you. You live lively. That's your responsibility.

8. 10% is the situation and 90% is our reaction. How? Boil water in a pan. Put some carrots, then eggs and then coffee. Carrots will become soft, eggs will become hard and coffee will boil with water. Same is about the situations in life. You can act, you can react or you can adapt yourself.
Choice lies with you.

 It has been found that 98% mentally thought fears and fearful situations never happen  in life .
If you want to check , write on a paper or notebook with date what you fear or suspect will happen and when will it happen.

And after that date check if this has happened.

If this does not happen, then understand that fear was just fantasy or imaginary and  not REAL.  Majority of the people in the world suffer from such kind of fears.    
Fear has two meanings.         FEAR= Fear everything and run .                    
                                                 FEAR = Face everything and rise         
  Bold, powerful, positive self talk and reading positive powerful self esteem boosting literature really brought me back to life. I thank that mentor.   
Mentors matter in life.                                   Negative people whom I call blood suckers and believers that control of your life is in the hand of some external power and man can do nothing are really devastating and destroy happiness from life.      They appear totally ignorant and make their own faith opium. Instead of acting their part to solve the problem, they leave it to their faith blindly.
Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you . SELF BELIEF with faith in Almighty is the crux of rising in life.     

 Forgive yourself and others - be it outsider or family member -  not because they deserve it  but you deserve mental peace.
  Never carry guilt . Mistakes have led to the biggest discoveries of the world.   Many don't act for fear of failure. Act and fail but learn and act next time.

This time you are more intelligent, more aware and more organized and will learn new things.
And ultimately SUCCESS will be yours.

But positive attitude is most important. It is your inner approach to handle anything in life.

Nothing is bad with this world. Only you need to change your attitude and world will become beautiful for you.

See and appreciate the beauty within yourself and the world will appear beautiful. My perception by you is your self reflection is a good saying.

THINK POSITIVE, BE HAPPY AND LIVE HAPPILY. Straight lines (smiles) have more value than curved ones.

Yes 30 days change in diet pays a lot. 30 days 30 glasses of fruit juice/lime juice plus a few say 4-5 nuts daily detoxify the body and you feel more healthy, more vibrant and more good from inside and your self-productivity increases. 1 glass of fruit juice or lime juice a day keeps the medicine and many deceases  away.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dream fulfilled

Success dreamt
Success designed
Success achieved

This is a story of a village girl. She was married to a guy in the city. The story is real.

On the day of her 31st Birthday, her husband asked her "what would you like as a gift on your birthday?" Humble, meek slow but morose voice came back: I want to do M.A English.

She had completed her B.Com in local language in the village. Her father was a teacher. Now she had family - elder daughter of about 4 years lying on the bed and getting treatment for nervous breakdown and a son aged about 2 years.

The husband listened well and consoled her. He said: Fine you will do. But she was not sure. So she replied: I don't know English as I had local language as medium of instruction.

Husband reassured: No issue, my uncle will teach you English.

In May 2013, both came to the teacher/trainer/mentor. The trainer assured her of success. 2 months English foundation course was advised. The girl I mean the woman was very excited. Every day she was learning new techniques and improving because she had understood that the best results will come not from coaching but from self learning.

She worked very hard. She performed well. She learnt Mind Power Techniques and Self-discipline techniques to achieve anything in life. Right Sustained efforts were the key to achieve the right results.

When the course was over, she expressed the desire to go for M.A English. Husband agreed readily and the trainer/motivator guided her to take the admission in M.A English through distance learning mode.

Trainer/motivator forgot everything about this girl. But the day before yesterday i.e. 28th April, 2015
after about 2 years, she met on the road, driving her scooter while bringing her son from the school.

She stopped. She bowed her head to the teacher and told the entire story. She was very happy rather overwhelmed while telling the story of her SUCCESS in M.A. English part 1. Now she was a student of M.A. English Part II.

She heaved a sigh of relief and had in her eyes gratitude for the teacher/trainer/motivator as he was instrumental in making her GROW in life.

Touching someone's life  really pays a great dividend throughout life.