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10 TIPS TO CRACK CAT 2011   by Prof. P.K.Keshap

in Self Help / Coaching    (submitted 2011-09-21)

20 days Testing Window for CAT 2011 is going to be opened from October 22, 2011 to November 18, 2011 for admission to various IIMs. Last date for applying is September 28, 2011. Forms are available with Axis Bank. Many students panic a lot and do not work hard. They are more worried about result than working hard for the competition. Here are 10 tips (Tip# 6 very important) that can improve your performance in the competition and ensure your success:
1. Take a photograph of yours of A-3 size and below the photograph write your name and " I am the best." " God will not help me if I don't help myself." Now you paste this photograph in your reading room or at the place where you study. Look at this photograph many times. It will energize you. 
2. Devote these 2 months i.e. 24hrs x 55 days= 1320 hrs totally for your preparation. Close the door of your room and sit inside the room. Always think about CAT and work hard only for CAT. Your only interaction should be with students who are doing CAT. Forget the world for 2 months and enjoy the whole life. Work more and calculate less. Be mentally free to put the right information. 
3. Thinking and energy matters a lot. Program your mind for success thinking about BIG Picture. Avoid discouragers - mentally and socially. Don't confront them.
4. Health is very important for taking the competition. Do jogging, cycling. Go for a walk. Better all alone. Chat with yourself and positive thinking encouraging people. Do not discourage yourself. Think like a BLACK BELT HOLDER. Discouragers achieve nothing in life but criticize everyone and everything. Positive energy is depleted by listening to them. Take light food. Wear loose clothes. Drink plenty of water, honey and lemon. Balance your diet. Eat fruit, nuts and light food. 
5. Sit calm and quite. Close your eyes. Oxygenate yourself by fast breathing and deep breathing. CAT is a test of mental speed. This exercise energizes mind and increases action. Learn to chew and digest the biting words of others. They have their own priorities not CAT. People first look scornfully, then ignore, then quarrel and fight, then you win says: Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi. In life we have two options: Either accept or change. Learn to accept criticism. It will generate energy for accomplishing your dreams. Cycling or walking against the wind is very difficult. Be copycat but add some more from your side. 
6. Read thoroughly these 3 books: 
6.1 one good book on GMAT
6.2 Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis for Verbal Ability
6.3 One year book from good publication house for GK.
Thoroughly means starting from 1st page and reading till the last page. No skipping. This alone will improve your performance by 50% to 100% in the test.
7. Don't compare yourself with others. Don't tell others about your efforts. When the results will come, all will know. Just concentrate on your studies. Help yourself. Believe in the POWER OF NOW and don't procrastinate. Be the master of your time and destiny. You daily routine is the key to your success.
8. You may also get more guidance from 
9. 20 minutes reading, 20 minutes writing or self-reflection what you have read and 20 minutes writing. Plan your studies in writing and follow daily routine. Match your hourly and daily achievement against the planned achievement. Try your best to beat your own records. Use voiceless music and technology to increase your mental speed.
10. Seek online help from internet. Solve as many online question papers as you can.
Check if you are improving. If not, be more intelligent.
ON THE DAY OF TEST, TOUCH FEET OF YOUR PARENTS, ELDERS AND REMEMBER YOUR AT LEAST 3 ANCESTORS WHO ARE IN HEAVEN Their blessings are most important for your success. Take print out/photocopy of this write-up and paste on a wall so that you may read daily.
BEAR IN MIND. Practice makes a man perfect. There is no magic wand for success. Practice, practice and practice.
Writer is an Associate Professor to MBA and Google Rank#1 as on date. Contact

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