Saturday, June 28, 2014


We can't erase these things
that have been done.
Long before we started
when it had begun.

We bring these things with us
wherever we go.
They're so much apart of us;
we keep them well in tow.

These things from the past
hurt more even now.
We don't know when it's happening
or for that matter even how.

But we are affected
by what we grew up in.
We've been disrespected.
We grew up in sin.

I'm trying to undo
the damage these things have done.
If we don't get help with this,
then these things have won!

We both have come so far
from what we were back when.
These things can't change
who we are.
Let us stand up to them, then!

                           - Sandra Wyllie


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