Saturday, June 28, 2014


Love weathers all storms.
It comes to you
in many forms.

Not always a warm
caressing, gentle breeze.
In fact it can be
an agonizing tease!

Awakens you like
rolling thunder in the night.
Props you up,
through blinded sight.

Torrid is the burning sun,
peeling away the layers
of your skin
as morning creeps in like a nun.

Exposing you like the bitter cold.
How it has you in its hold!

Tear streaming icicles
upon your face.
Frozen are you in its embrace.

Caught in the middle
of the eye.
It's a rage of destruction
as it passes by.

Whipping, whirling, upheaving,
bless be thou; it's never leaving!
But how I give a mighty hearty laugh,
because I so do love
to bask in its aftermath!

               by Sandra Wyllie


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