Sunday, October 21, 2012

Indian Dishes-2 HARA BHARA KABAB


       Potatoes                                                                           250 g
       Peas                                                                                 250 g
       Spinach                                       (Palak)                        100 g
       Green Chillies                                                                     2
       Ginger                                                                              1 small piece
       Coriander leaves                                                             a few
        Corn flour                                                                       2 tsp
        Salt                                                                                   to taste
        Chat Masala                                                                    1 tsp
         Oil                                                                                   for frying

  • Boil potatoes, peel and grate them.
  • Boil peas and mash them.
  • Blanch spinach leaves in plenty of salted boiling water for 2-3 minutes and cool the leaves in cold water. Squeeze them and chop finely.
  • Chop ginger and coriander leaves finely.
  • Mix potatoes, peas, spinach, ginger, coriander leaves, chat masala, salt and corn flour gently.
  • Make small balls  and press it tightly to give it kabab shape.
  • Heat oil and deep fry till golden brown.
  • Serve hot with chutney.

Source: 100 DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS RECIPES BY Dr. Rajbir Sachdeva, Dr. Anita Kochhar, Dr. Subhashini Verma, Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Home Science, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana  Edited by: Dr. Amarjit Kaur Khokhar, Centre for Communication, Languages & Culture, PAU, Ludhiana.

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