Sunday, October 21, 2012



Good communication skills are fundamental to all relationships and your key to professional success. How you communicate your thoughts and feelings to others and how you manage your differences are predictors of the quality of your relationships at home or at the office. When individuals don’t speak clearly, listen accurately or assert themselves effectively, the result is reduced profit, diminished self-esteem and lowered morale. To increase your effectiveness we need to enhance our communication skills.

The purpose of communication is to share information. What you say is only as effective and informative as how it’s heard. Listening ranks as the most valuable communication. In fact listening is at the very heart of good communication.

“For it is not upon the physical sciences that the future will depend. It is upon us who are trying to understand and deal with the interactions between human beings.”
                                      - Carl Rogers

When communication is blocked, distorted or muddled, relationships wither and eventually die. When open, clear communication takes place, relationships and cooperation flourish. Once you develop good communication skills, you can choose the way you communicate with and influence others. No matter how much expertise you have in your chosen profession, your communication skills can make the difference between great success and simply ‘getting by’.

Thus principles of this skill is:
·        Communication is a learned behavior.
·        You can make a significant difference in the quality of your interpersonal relationships through improved communication.
·        When you practice, you perfect new skills.

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