Monday, January 25, 2010


You will not do
Incredible things
An incredible dream.

Dreams are untapped possibilities
within us waiting to be born.

They are the beauty of the human mind,
To do anything that we want to do.
They are the strength of the human will,
To trust our-self to test out limits,
They are the courage to succeed,
They are the material out of which
We can build our future.

If you want to live a life of greatness,
Don’t let of your dreams or think of them as too outlandish,
Or merely as fantasies; instead honor them; as messages
From the deepest past of your being. Spend some quality
Time with them. They are real to the extent that you value them,
Commit to them, learn the skills you lack and act upon them.

Always remind yourself
“Life rewards those who aren’t afraid to step out in the
directions of their dreams.”

So, be that person today and everyday from now on,
Who claims the dream he has for himself, and believes himself
Of being capable of achieving whatever
He want in his life.

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