Monday, January 25, 2010


Our business in life
Is not to succeed
But to continue to fail
In good spirits.

It is a psychological fact, that
we cherish most what have worked hardest to gain.
Still, the trials, disappointments and defeats
Are inevitable part; even of the most victorious lives,
We are human beings; we are limited,
You have limits, I have limits,
We are fallible. That’s reality.
But, there is a big difference
Between failing and being a failure.
One is a learning, and an opportunity to grow.
The other is an end point.

Failing is not a disgrace if you have sincerely done your best,
Don’t let not achieving your desired outcome derail you,
Endure every trial in the right spirit, consider it,
As you’ve found a way that doesn’t work,
When a man bears with composure
One heavy mischance after another, the soul shines out
Not because he does not feel them, but because
He is a man of high and heroic temper.

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