Monday, January 25, 2010


No one is so good
That he has no bad in him, and
No one is so bad that
He has no good in him

We human beings are a complex lot,
Many religious writings and great literary works are based upon
The constant struggle between good and evil
That goes on inside every one of us.
This struggle is as old as mankind itself.
Yet, while we recognize our own inner struggles,
We are often quick to condemn others.

Psychologists tell us that
There is no such thing as bad person;
There are only bad behaviours.
Make it a point to look for the good in yourself and in others.
Nurture the good character trait and work on the ones
That may need improvement.

Like plants in a garden, the character traits that grows
Strong and productive will be those that are fed,
Watered, and weeded regularly.


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