Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ishmeet, little known to me before his rising as star of “VOICE OF INDIA”, was a daffodil for Ludhianvis, Punjabis and all Indians.Daffodil lives for short time but gives more fragrance and pleasure to the beholders. Wise prefer daffodils to old oaks. Old oaks too love daffodils. Deffodils are the energising force for old oaks. So was our dear Ishmeet for young and old.

The young generation burst into tears, cried and sobbed on hearing the news of the untimely death of this daffodil of “ Indian Music”. When the sad news broke, none – young or old – believed the media till it was confirmed by newspapers with complete details.

I, being a Ludhianvi and closely known to his chacha Dr. C.K. Singh attended antim ardas (the last prayer in Sikhism) on 3rd August, 2008. The sea of humanity flooded Guru Dwara Singh Sabha Ludhiana to pay last homage to the departed soul. Chief Minister Punjab, S. Parkash Singh Badal along with battery of Jathedars from different Takhats paid profuse tributes to the departed soul. Dr. C.K. Singh told me that when Ishmeet met Lata Mangeshkar – the greatest Indian Singer- for the first time, he missed a beat by this great honour at such a young age. Though I never met him yet we talked a lot about in our meetings of Club Francaise Litterair..

Kaka Ishmeet adorned “Rehat” of Sikhism. Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle had cast him into a complete true Sikh. Unshorn hair, sporting beautiful turban, white glasses and innocent teenaged looks all added grace to his personality. Simply looking at his face one could feel a soothing sensation within. Many times when I saw him on the screen, I wondered that this young man had no streak of anguish on his face and his mere appearance soothed me if I was in bad mood.His innocent looks elevate my spirits and encourage to go beyond my routine of life. The songs and recitation of Gurbani Salokas really touch the hearts of millions irrespective of caste,creed or nationality. The life and personality of Kaka Ishmeet is an inspiration and true “Role Model” for the Sikh young generation to sport unshorn hair and follow the true tenets of Sikhism. Ishmeet has immortalized himself with his songs. But the loss to the parents – especially a mom of 19yrs young son and sister is beyond words. I was moved when I read the banner hung outside the Gurudwara:

Zamana to bare shok se, sun raha tha,
Tum hi so gaye, dastan kahtey kahtey

(The world was listening to you with great interest, but you slept forever before completing your songs/stories)

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