Thursday, October 30, 2008



Honourable Sir,

You are brave, bold, brilliant visionary. This is my assessment. Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan. But, sir, I love you. I respect your vision.

You have built an institution of learning because that’s the true wealth of the nation and society. I respect you because you built that school where the children of the future will get education. Education is the best asset of a child. Lord Krishna has given four yogas in Srimad Bhagwat Geeta. First is Bhakti Yoga, next is Karma Yoga , then Raj Yoga and finally Jnan Yoga i.e. acquiring and practicing the knowledge and learning for the benefit of the nation and world at large. A drop of water says, "I am an ocean" while ocean says, "I am the collection of the drops." So an individual is the drop of an ocean called "universe". Man without learning and education is nothing but sheer animal.

Sir, I have also undergone tremendous troubles in life. But all these troubles taught me lessons. Prosperity gives friends and adversity tests them. This is my experience. Now life is clear and 2nd inning of life will be based on true assets not on frivolous expectations. Money as seen by common people of small vision is means of living not an end of living. Here is a small story with a moral.

Once a bankrupt multi-billionaire came to Mr. Norman Vincent Peale - the world famous positive thinker and sat on the chair with his head drooped. Mr. Vincent in his book, “ The Power of Positive Thinking” states and asked that billionaire,” what is the problem? Why have you sunk into this chair?” The bankrupt billionaire told him, “ I have lost everything and am bankrupt.” Mr. Vincent asked him, “Were you billionaire when you were born?” “No! not at all. Every thing I earned in my life,” he replied turning his hands towards the sky, shrinking his shoulders and raising his eye brows. “Then what have you lost. What you had at the time of birth, you have more than that now. Why do you worry and brood over the loss?” “How sir?” with great surprise and humility the bankrupt billionaire enquired.

“Do you have wife?” asks Vincent “Yes sir,” answered the bankrupt.
“Is she loyal to you?” adds Vincent “Yes sir 100% sir.”
“Don’t you have more than what you had at the time of birth?” “Yes right sir.”
“Then why do you worry and bother about loss? Look at the brighter side of life and you will be happy.”
The billionaire felt relieved and smiled. Relaxed mind was there. In the second attempt, using his experiences, he again became the billionaire and left a legacy of billions for his coming generations. Most of the people do not enjoy what they have. They always grumble what they don't have. They go on amassing what is not needed and ignore what is needed sir.

So, sir, you have your knowledge your experiences and you are positive in your attitude.

I salute you and your spirit to work for this world in 2nd inning of life.

With warm regards

Truly yours,


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