Thursday, October 30, 2008


All the constituents of this world can be divided into two categories – Living and Non-Living. Of all the living creatures on Earth, only human beings are free to exercise the will in whatever they want to do. Man is free to do anything – good or bad, right or wrong, logical or illogical, useful or useless, constructive or destructive, creative or fixed and so on. But he does not have the right on the consequences or result of his actions. This makes a man think before he does any action. It is just like a student can only prepare and take the exam but cannot predict the result. The result is beyond his control and right. Good actions give good results and good results give better and happy life. The doer, his family, community, society, nation and world at large benefit from that individual’s good action. On the other hand, bad actions cause pains to the individual as well as the family and society at large. Better the action, better will be the result and life.

It is very difficult task to take the responsibility of all the actions, the Vedas suggest that man should give a self suggestion: “ O’God, I perform all the tasks of the materialistic world holding YOU as my witness. Hence whatever- good or bad I have done that is an offer unto YOU.” On the same lines, Lord Krishna in Srimad Bhagwat Geeta says, “ Whatsoever you do, whatsoever you eat, whatsoever you drink, do it as an offer unto ME.”

This small but bold surrender on the part of the doer, detaches the human being from the consequences of actions. This kind of feeling and total surrender enables the doer to work more, act more for building this world of ours.

As we attach with our actions, we are detached from God – the force uniting the souls of all living creatures. This detachment also leads to deterioration of our TOTAL SURRENDER. More the attachment with actions and their consequences, lesser will the surrender. Owing to this attachment, we indulge in actions which are not worthy of higher living. The five ghosts- lust, anger, attachment, greed and false pride - destroy good life of human beings. Many wrongs are done under the influence of these five ghosts. Men (all human beings) who have an attitude and feeling: "God whatever I am enjoying in this world is your gift" emjoy the life more than others.

Nothing in this world belongs to us. Whatever appears to be ours is due to our mental attachment and relationships created out of attachment. In some Bhagwat Geeta, I read:

Wanting objects, breeds attachment;
From attachment arises covetousness;
Covetousness leads to anger;
Anger destroys memory;
When memory is destroyed, choice is rendered
And man dooms.

No sooner our relationship is broken from the things and persons, we start treating them as aliens. For example, the death of a loved one forces us to detach ourselves from that person.

God, Soul and Nature are all pervasive, omniscient and omnipresent. These three entities were always in the world and will always remain so. The relationship with these three entities can never be artificial or fake only for projection. When we do not surrender our actions to God, much of our emotional and mental energy is blocked in calculating the consequence of our actions. On the other hand, if we surrender, we shall be progressing forward in life.

Loving God, we are able to detach ourselves from Lust, Anger, Attachment, Greed and false Pride. By just detaching ourselves from these five ghosts, we start feeling “I am a drop in the ocean called universe.” This humbleness leads to real happiness. This permanent real happiness is termed as Sadachitananda i.e. ever blissfulness. This all happens due to TOTAL SURRENDER. Surrender and enjoy true happiness.

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