Wednesday, May 25, 2016


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Wonder happened today. Whenever I closed my eyes in my mind many negative thoughts used to pop up and mind started paining and body too reacted the same way.

Yesterday, I read an email that said that feelings play a major role to make you happy. Leave negative thinking and fears and switch to positive thoughts.

I closed my eyes and felt and repeated  with mouth tight lipped following positive thoughts:

1. World is a beautiful place to live.
2. There is no problem with the world.
3. Evolution is a part of the process. So, I am progressing and evolving. World is progressing and evolving. There is nothing to worry. I am best in my role.
4. I have best father.

5. I have best mother.
6. I have best brother and sisters.
7. I have best wife.
8. I have the best children.
9. Everything I have is best.

10. Only best happens.
11. God gives me always the best.
12. All the people around me love me.
13. I have the best things of the world.

Wow! It took me about  3-5 minutes and I repeated these positive thoughts two times.
These feelings soothed my inner self and happiness emanated from my own body.

 I was astonished at this miracle.
I was much troubled why don't I feel good.

But I never knew that my negative thoughts were the cause of my internal troubles.

I feel good today.

I am meeting with everyone with a smile and everyone who meets with me asks me: what has happened, you are very happy.

I can't tell them the whole story as it is long. I just tell: yes, I am happy and why I don't know.

You too practice this and feel good.

My blessings to youngsters and respects to elders.
मैंने सीखा कि दुनिया में मैं कभी खुश नहीं रह सकता यदि मैं खुद से खुश नहीं हूँ।  अच्छी सुखद feelings ड्रीम करने से मन खुश होता है।  

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