Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Image result for map of indiaToday I read a letter in the newspaper. 

The statistics are really shocking about India. 

125 crores. Population.

 5 crores. Tax payers registered with Income Tax Department
                                   1.6 crores out of 5 crores do not pay income tax.
                                   2.72% population pays tax. 

No tax paying population Tax payers registered with Income Tax Department though registered as tax payer. Only 2.72% pay taxes. Inference 2.72 people earn and 97.28 enjoy on their earnings. 

Why should not every graduate have a PAN card? 

I am not asking for paying tax.  At least, they got graduation from their country, they should be registered and file income tax returns. 

This should be done right at the time degree is awarded by the university. 
The educational institutes and universities can do this. 
Ministry of HRD should pay heed to my suggestion.

It is a matter of great regret that right from our childhood, we are not taught to live honorably by paying taxes either by family or by the educational institutes. 

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