Sunday, June 12, 2016

What have I learnt today?

Learning is a life long process. Today I have learnt, how to wash the clothes.
For 58 years of my life, I never helped my wife in washing the clothes. Opportunity to learn washing arose as my wife had pain in knees. Today, she was my boss. 
She directed me how to wash the clothes. Rather she taught me the skill of washing the clothes. So far, I had thought, the washed and ironed clothes I wore were easy to wash. 
But it was my myth. I had never experienced this type of good communication with my wife. 
Now, to scene in the wash room. My wife is sitting. She is directing me and feeling lot of pride and happiness as I was listening very carefully and obeying her orders given verbally and directions with her fingers. 
1. Turn on the tap and fill the tub with water. I did.
2. Give me detergent and soap. I did.
3. Now I wash more dirty clothes so that no dirt is left. Fine. Please do. 
4. Till then you fill the washing machine's water tub with water. Right, madam. I did politely. (I could see the glint of pride in her eyes.Today, she was feeling at cloud nine because never in life I had helped her in washing the clothes. Really missed many opportunities to be with my wife for about 2-3 hours on Sunday)
5. Just then my daughter popped her face and commented: Oh! yesterday's movie's impact. Dad is helping Mom. I smiled and again focused upon my job so that no mistake is made and my boss shout at me. 
6.  Water was filled in the water tank of the washing machine. "No, it should be filled upto the small bag hanging in the water tank, " strong worded order came from my wife. 
7. Right, madam was my humble and polite reply. I did as told by her. She smiled.
8. By now, she had made the clothes ready for the water tank of washing machine. 
9. Now drop detergent in the water. I did accordingly.
10. Turn on the switch at 360 degrees. I did. The washing machine started circling the clothes. When the switch reached back to its starting point, she said: now take out all the clothes. I did.
11. All these clothes were then rinsed in clean water 3 times. They were ready for drier.
12. Now open the lid of the drier. Fine. I opened the lid.
13. Remove the plastic lid of the drier. I did as told.
14. Now drop these rinsed clothes in the drier. I did. 
15. Close the plastic lid. Then close the main lid and turn on the switch. I did as ordered. 
16. After say 5-10 minutes, the clothes in drier were dry. 
17. I opened the main lid of drier, then opened the plastic lid of the drier and pulled the dried clothes. 
18. Then she said: pull that pipe from the clump and leave it on the floor. Dirty waster will flow away. That's all. 
It was a great experience. I had learnt a new skill i.e. washing the clothes. The communication was 100% which is rarest generally between husband and wife. 
MESSAGE: Help the wife in daily chores and you will feel good. Happy mind is more productive in business too. Makes more effective decisions. When a person (any human equipped with knowledge to produce worthy of business or healing pains of human is referred to person) is happy, positive vibes bring positive results in business life. 

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