Thursday, April 7, 2016


I attended a seminar on "How to Cure Diabetes without medicine?"

Expert doctors spoke and gave lot of style management techniques to keep away the body diabetes free.

What I liked most was: Walking 10000 steps a day keeps you diabetes free. You will never develop diabetes in your body was their opinion. No need to take insulin.        Doctor who said was an M.D doctor.

A case study was cited: Mr. M was a busy Chief Executive of a top MNC i.e. business house. He got up early in the morning at 4 am and took the files to his bathroom. Sitting on the seat he finished many files. But could not evacuate well and always felt dizzy. Constipation was his major problem. He told to the doctors he consulted.

But doctors gave him another reason. You are diabetic. For this you need to manage your life style. Walk 10000 steps daily. He kept on thinking and thinking. Then one day, he took the first walked about 1000 steps. Slowly, slowly, he increased the walk to 2000, 3000, and at last in about 3 months 10000 steps.

He felt a lot of change in his daily routine. His fitness was better. His personal productivity had increased. His mood swinging was managed. Irritative mood was replaced with a smile. Relationships were improving. This he reported to his doctor. Doctor, a wise one, advised not to take any medicine but continue the life style he had achieved.

He advised: take meal 2 hours before going to bed. Take lot of water daily. Take lemonade. Wake up early as usual and drink 2-3 glasses. This will improve your constipation problem too.

Thank you, he told to his doctor.

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