Sunday, March 13, 2016


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Educate * Empower * Elevate

Education received in schools, colleges and universities is not complete until and unless we have developed a sense of ethical and moral living. 

Sympathy and empathy are not taught but ought to be developed and focus of our learning should be developing Human Centric Solutions to the problems faced by humans throughout the world.


Mahatma Gandhi - the father of nation - says:

Wealth is lost, nothing is lost,
Health is lost, something is lost,
Character is lost, everything is lost.

The learnings made in the schools, colleges and universities are like the beads of the garland but the beads can be turned into garland with solid thread. Spirituality and its development is that thread. Spirituality develops the human mind to cultivate kindness, sympathy and empathy for the pains of the living - be it humans, animals or birds. Environment is loved by the spiritual person. 

So, develop spirituality to be more educated beyond schools, colleges and universities. 

Pretensions, doubts, excuses are some of the hurdles faced by an individual on spiritual path. Right master with self-effort on the spiritual path leads to right path and destination.

Those who are spiritually enlightened serve the society in wider ways,

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