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Skill Development

Qualitative Research Techniques in Social Sciences
          March 3rd and 4th, 2016

I felt the need of self-training in Qualitative Research Techniques in Social Sciences as I always felt lacking while guiding juniors or CEO and entrepreneurs in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Many times, I felt gagged from within while delivering lecture on CSR. I confess I just crammed the subject from books and internet and vomit it virtually without understanding the concepts in totally and comprehensively.

The opportunity to learn about this skill came in the form of invitation for attending 2-day seminar at Krusti Jayanti College, Bangalore.

The national level eminent speakers included National Fellow, Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), Retired and working Professors of Social Sciences and heads of Department of Social Work, Bharathiar University.

The arrangement by the management, principal and staff was very good. The workshop was entirely handled by the students of MSW and other courses. It was really a pleasure to see the students handling each and every activity with great responsibility at such a young age. India and the world's assets are these students.

The topics  covered in the Seminar were:

1, Perspective Building and Philosophy of Qualitative Research.
2. Observation and in-depth interviews.
3. Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
4, Case Study
5. Ethnography and Participatory Action Research
6. Phenomenology, Grounded Theory and Content Analysis
7. Qualitative Data Analysis

One of the learned speakers exhorted the students to develop sympathy and empathy for the victims of natural calamities. She cited the example of Chennai natural calamity i.e. floods. She exhorted the students by saying: Did you see? There were volunteers, there were media persons and persons from all walks of life who were helping the victims during floods, but there was no social worker or educated MSW social worker. Where were the social workers or the professionals in social work. This is not sympathy or empathy but apathy. Beware, you don't be that. Passion is required to be a good social worker. Merely passing an exam cannot make you a true social worker. Be passionate about your work.

Power tea, lunch and evening tea was arranged by the college management. Punctuality was the essence. Generally, the seminars and conferences start at time, but the agenda is least followed later on. But in this case, it was not so. The agenda was strictly followed.

After valediction, at the end of 2 -day seminar, all the delegates were awarded with:

1, Certificate of participation,
2. Certificate of attendance.
3, Group photograph.

I thank all - the management, principal and staff, department of social sciences, students and co-delegates - for such a good seminar that has developed my skill in social sciences and given me enough insight into the social sciences. My special thanks to Fr. Josekutty PD, Principal, Dr. Gopal Kumar, Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Jones Richard A, Head, Department of Social Work & Convener.

I will never forget the definition of social science given by Fr. Josekutty PD who said: Social Science is a "science of hope.


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