Monday, June 22, 2015


 This is an email received from my friend Peter Sinclair, Australia. I enjoyed it and sharing for your enjoyment.

I have spent the past week celebrating the birthday of my three year old grand daughter.

I lost count of how many times we blew out candles and sang happy birthday - in three part harmony mind you.

I personally don't believe in birthdays. I prefer birth-weeks.  That way we can celebrate in many different ways and in many varied formats over an extended period of time. The celebration can be prolonged and embellished in this manner because I truly believe that a precious life is worth celebrating.

Life passes too quickly to simply go through the motions.

Life must be celebrated.

Find any excuse to celebrate.

Celebrate a victory. Celebrate a loss and the lessons learned from the experience. Celebrate the start of a vision fulfilled. Celebrate moving forward with the project. Celebrate the completion. Celebrate the efforts of others.

Celebrate the BIG. Celebrate the small.

Stop the wheels. Hop off the bus. And celebrate.

You will be fired up. You will be inspired. You will make others feel highly valued.

Now that's something worth celebrating.

Be blessed!
Peter G. James Sinclair

PS: While we're considering birthday celebrations here's a video of my youngest daughter's birthday celebration a couple of years ago.

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