Monday, June 22, 2015

Process of success

I was thinking the various steps involved in the success and analyzing the various experiences over a period of 57+ years, I found:

1. Think soft
2. Think hard
3. Sieve an idea (soft)
4, Make the idea hard.
5. Idea should be for practical world.
6. Implement the idea
7. Try, fail and learn
8. Keep trying, keep failing and keep learning.
9. Every time the idea fails, new learning pops up in the mind. Make it hard. Always keep pen, pencil and paper with you to make your thinking hard. Keep on filing these ideas on paper in a file. Or just save them with a tag.
10. As Swami Vivekananda says: Every idea is first ridiculed, then opposed and at the end is accepted. Every successful spirit must keep this in mind and work without quitting. Winners are not those people who never fail but those who never quit.
11. Keep refining or improving.
12. Keep learning from criticism in a positive way. A successful inventor shared: We used to receive 800 emails daily that criticized our brand. But we took it as feedback to improve the brand and today our brand is amongst the top most brand in the world. Thanks to the critics who took time to test our product and kept sending emails.

13. After this SUCCESS FOLLOWS.

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