Monday, June 1, 2015

First day at work.

Greatest day of life as I view is the "first day at job."

After 15/17 years of education, the tedious job is to find a job. Preparing bio-data and submitting the same to job providers, facing interviews and accepting rejections and comments unworthy of hearing becomes an intolerable task.

A question that generally confuses the fresher: Do you have experience? When the interviewee is fresher and has been called for the interview as fresher how can s/he have the experience?

Very few interviewers come prepared for the interview. They take the job interviewing the candidate like writing a letter to client or customer.

In many organizations, an hour's a day's interview is ritual. Many times, the interviewers are less educated and are not aware about the job profile and expectations from the interviewee.

IQ instead of EQ remains the focus in interviews.

But for better results, EQ also matters. Experts say IQ (Formal education)_+ Experience counts for 20% and EQ or common sense and etiquettes count for 80%. Once the interviewee is emotionally and  mentally attached to the organization, loyalty and results ensue without effort.

It is well said: Take care of your people and your people will take care of your business.

The interviewer (s) does not realize that this may be a routine job for him/her but this is a special and most important job for the interviewee. Getting a job is a life time dream of a person. Hence, thorough before hand preparation is most important.

Interview is a bridge between the organization and new person. It is nothing less than bringing a new bride in the house and making her aware about the nature, mood, rules and behavior expected from her for the family members and others in the community the family lives.

Today, is the day when a new young boy who is BBA with Diploma in Electronics going to join as Marketing Executing in the small organization being run by a young Electrical Engineer manufacturing Electrical Control Panels, Industrial Cooling Units. The young engineer invited me to interview this new entrant.

Now the scene at the interview:

I was sitting all alone in the room.

The interviewee sought permission and entered the room. I could see he was gasping. I gave him a glass of water and told him to sit on the chair and feel easy.

"This is a positive interview not rejection exercise, so please feel easy and sit."
He overcome his nervousness and I saw that the perspiration on his face disappeared rather was soaked by the air of the fan.

He was feeling fresh. I glanced through his certificates and testimonials.

"Good performance," was my comment.

Glow in eyes of the blushing young man returned. His age is about 23 years.

"What are you co-curricular activities?"

"I sing, I dance, I play, sir"


"Can you sing a song for  me?"

"Which one, sir?"

"Which you deem fit and like the most?"

He paused for a while and started singing. I closed my eyes and listened carefully.

After 2/3 minutes, the song was over.

Many may be thinking that the selection in the interview was so easy. Just a song. Singing a song in front of an unknown, first time met person is a bold act. This is the requisite trait expected from a marketing man. A marketing person has to meet with new people, unknown people, weird people and retain the relationship. 20% sales comes from the new customers while 80% sales comes from the old satisfied customers.

For the new customer: This new interviewee has boldness to meet, to introduce the organization and the products organization manufactures.

For the old customers: This new interviewee has the ability to retain the relationship using his positive attitude that have been tested by listening to his song. He is a team player.

So, a good interviewer can judge all these traits in a minute. As regards to intellectual skills, his certificates and testimonials are the proof. Why to raise new questions? He is fit to be tamed, trimmed and made fit for the profile of his job.

"You are selected."

Out of respect and awe he looked at me with gratitude. With tears of happiness in his eyes about to well up  his  cheeks, he said: Thank you, sir.

"When would you like to join?"

"Tomorrow, sir."

"No. Join after 3/4 days. Go and meet your nears and dears, relatives and friends. After joining you will come regularly on the job. No leaves. So, come and join on 1st June."

"What will be the pay package, sir?"

"Work for one month and let us observe your attitude, your way of working, your punctuality and the pay package will be the best in the industry."

"Right, sir. I will come on 1st June."

Today, is his joining day. I have prepared all the information necessary for him. I have bought a rose flower to welcome him.

Working honorary for young entrepreneurs gives a lot of satisfaction. At this age with experience, I feel I am helping them.

First good boss is better than big fat pay package is my advice to all who start their career. Good boss teaches good etiquettes, manners and traits that pay whole of life.

Once this is learnt, pay package keeps on becoming fat, fatter and fatter.



A speaker in the seminar said: Being an interviewer, keep in mind:
1. Attitude of the candidate is religion.


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