Saturday, November 8, 2014



A father who throughout life followed the principle " Learning is greater than wealth". Wealth when follows learning gives more pleasure than when it is master of man.

Our great father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi says: Wealth is lost, nothing is lost;

Health is lost something is lost.

Character is lost, everything is lost.

Son was young, full of energy. He was college-going. Everyday he argued with father that car, smart phone and costly gadgets are bought with money and hence money is greater than learning.

Father was aged, experienced and seasoned.

He was always in the look out of an opportunity to prove that "learning is master of wealth"

But he could not prove this to his young son. Daily arguments and demand of money by the son had vitiated the congenial environment at home.

One day, father got a chance to prove his point.

Father's friend had bought a very costly diamond ring for his daughter-in-law.

Father asked the friend to lend him that ring for a while. Friend readily gave.

Now father, gave the studded case of the ring to the son and told that it has cost Rs._______________________ . But the son argued,
" Papa, who fool will pay such a fatty sum of money for this empty case?"

"Exactly my dear son, everybody pays for the diamond inside this case not for the case."

Case is the box in which the diamond ring is placed.

"In the same way, learning is diamond and wealth is the case."

Son, though did not admit openly but agreed as was visible from his body language.

Right from that day, the son is focusing more on study and less on demands for costly gadgets.

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