Saturday, November 8, 2014


Learning from 1st Class student


In my neighbor, elder sister came from school. Took off the clothes, took off the shoes and threw them on the bed.

Young mother felt annoyed. Heated arguments followed by a slap to the girl ensued.

As a lost resort to mend the ways of child's behavior and cultivate good habit of keeping the clothes in the cupboard on coming from school, mother invited an elderly lady from the neighbor.

Elderly lady, being the judge between mother and the daughter, started asking:

"Dear child, are you a good child or bad child."

"I am a good child," replied the child standing before the elderly lady as if answering to an advocate in a court.

"What are the symptoms of a good child" was the next question parried by the elderly lady.

"Good child comes from the school in time, takes off the shoes, takes off the clothes. Places the clothes inside the cupboard and does not make mess of clothes throwing them on the bed."

"Are you clothes at the proper place?"

"No grandma. They are not. I am sorry."


In between the young sister studying in 1st class jumped and said "Amma she knows what is good and thought is in the head. It will take sometime to be reality."

I was surprised to hear this reply from a student of 1st class.

and learnt a lesson. DO IT NOW.


Many elders spend the entire life saying "I think I can" but "Never have time to enjoy what they wish or do what they like."


FEAR has two meanings:

1. Fear everything and run. Makes person worried, unhappy, sad and keeps the worrier on toes.

2. Face everything and rise. Makes person worry free, happy and cheerful.

BIGGEST HURDLE IN ENJOYMENT: Opinion about me by others. How the others think about me. It is expression vs. impression problem. More mental than real. More we keep on coining mental view of the situations, more the worry, anxiety increases and turns out in real in the form of anger. Anger is one letter short of danger. D=death.

Focus and enjoy what you have. Rather than focusing on what you don't have and be unhappy.

World remembers those who live for their dreams. Self belief is the best belief. Don't indulge in proving to others. Be yourself and you will grow a lot in every term. Be it happiness or prosperity. Love what you do or do what you love. It will make you more happy.

Accept yourself in absolute totality, says Osho.


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