Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Talking Etiquettes



  1. Talk to communicate.
  2. Talk low.
  3. Talk slow. Last said lasts long.
  4. Talk what is necessary.
  5. Listen more. 2 ears 1 mouth. Ratio 2:1 66% and 33 %   but in real use 1:2.

  1. Use age and designation appropriate vocabulary.
  2. Always keep in mind “how the tone and words” must please the listener.
  3. Use non-verbal communication and gestures to convey the message.
  4. Talk to convey the message and not the information.
  5. Plan the talk before hand.
  6. Discuss but don't argue. Arguments generate heat. Discussions throw lights on the issue and problems of the life are solved.
  7. Tame self-ego to win over the other person you are talking to.
  8. Be mindful that your talk is pleasing the listening person mentally not hurting.
  9. Don't use hurting and hitting words and annoy others.
  10. Mind it: Worst situation or thing of the world can be said in "best words". Develop this skill.
  11. Your education, your status, your appearance consists of just 3% of your total personality. 97% is your soft skills and the behavior from which you earn real life reputation.
  12. Listen to sweet and soothing music to develop soothing voice.
  13. Emulate good manners from others. Educate yourself on this front.

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