Wednesday, January 2, 2013



  1. Be self-reliant. Don’t ask any co-passenger for any help until emergency arises. For example carry water bottle full of water for use.
  2. Lock your luggage while traveling.
  3. Wear simple clothes as others judge from your looks.
  4. Eat nothing from the people around. Many times the eatables are laced with intoxicants and passengers are looted.
  5. Before stepping in the reserved class, have a look on the passengers’ list pasted outside the compartment and find who are your neighbors while traveling. Even jot down their names and seat numbers and sms them to the person to be contacted in emergency.
  6. Set  1 number of the mobile on emergency mode. If emergency, press 1
  7. Inform your journey details to the person to be contacted in emergency before the journey e.g. ticket number, seat number, train name, time, coach and class traveled, estimated time of the train to reach at the arrival station.
  8. For females:
8.1.Have a round of the coach you are traveling in and see how many females are traveling with you. If will build your confidence and panic will fly away.
            8.2 Carry black pepper spray for your protection and use in emergency.
            8.3 Be physically fit and use non-verbal communication for strangers.
8.4 Excessive talking and laughing with strangers means compromise with safety
      and security.
8.5  Do not talk loudly on mobile phone and do not talk for long with nears or dears.
8.6  If your receive a call, do not attend. On the other hand ring back to the caller and say you are traveling and will talk when you reach at the destination.
8.7  Disclosure of your arrival station compromises your safety and security. Avoid disclosing the same. Better send sms of your movements to your dear ones e.g. name of the station reached.
8.8 Instead of giving information about your movements loudly on phone, send sms to your dears and nears for regularly informing them about your arrival on various stations.

Keeping the current scenario in mind, with the rising crime rate in the country against senior citizens and women, self-defense pepper spray, available in handy size, fits easily into one’s purse, pocket or bag and is effortless to use.

It temporarily  immobilizes the attacker, inflaming the eyes, nose, throat and lungs, causing temporary blindness, severe burning sensation on skin, swelling of breathing tube tissues and systematically cuts off all except breathing. So, the victim can escape.


     NOTE: This is in addition to what you already know.


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