Friday, January 4, 2013


Learning is a life long process. Even the last day of life a person learns what happens when a person goes from this world.

A course in Entrepreneurship or any field of learning, I mean education, teaches techniques which help in times of need. 

In MBA minimum 30 and maximum 45 or more subjects are taught. Does this mean that all the subjects are used by the students in life or career? The learning of these subjects enable the student to be aware about the  environment and be fit to carry on his job. 

Tools and techniques have helped humanity to grow. Earlier humans had tools made of wood and stone, then iron and then silicon etc. etc. 

A computer is a tool and internet is technique with which the user can have interface with the entire world. This write up has reached you through internet. I wanted to learn Photoshop, Corel Draw and Adobe page Maker at this age of 55. I was feeling shy to go to the school or college and learn these. But I opened Google and searched for tutorials. Free tutorials and videos on You Tube were watched. Now I am able to work with Photoshop, Corel Draw and Adobe Page Maker. In a year's time, I shall become an expert and better than many who have got formal education about these software in schools or colleges. Techniques learnt. 

Techniques enable a person to achieve what he conceives and believes. Milkha Singh- the flying Sikh from India won the gold medal in Commonwealth Games 400 mtr race by employing the technique told and taught by his mentor.

His mentor observed that the rival in the race of 400 mtrs. employs a particular technique. His rival was winning the gold medals in the earlier Commonwealth Games. The mentor told: Look Milkha Singh your rival - the present Gold Medalist -runs first 300 mts. very slow and in the last 100 mtrs. he picks up the speed and leaves all the participants behind.

In this Commonwealth Games you will employ different technique. You will run fast in the first 300 mitrs and fast too in the last 100 mtrs race. Milkha Singh practiced with this technique in min and  employed the technique in Common Wealth 400 mtr. race and won the Gold Medal. Gold Medal was given by honourable Queen while the Indian flag was flying and national anthem was being played. Milkha Singh won 77 times out of 88 events which itself is a record.

This is the wonder of techniques. A course equips a person with techniques. Bigger the arsenal  better the combat.

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