Monday, December 24, 2012



WHERE our daughters, sisters and wives are vulnerable to ghastly crimes, the whole talk of women empowerment is a sham.

 As long as conviction rate remains low, rapes will keep happening.

The police force from top to bottom, needs to be upright, honest and energetic. The grit, determination, perseverance, innovation and stamina of the investigating agencies are abysmally low and smack of apathy and neglect in investigation and registration of rape cases.
Deterrent laws and better quality of investigation and protection are required to take or other criminal cases to their logical end in courts.

Judges have legal compulsions, they cannot go by emotions and sentiments but by evidence and facts presented by Prosecution Department. The Criminal Law Amendment Bill dealing with sexual offences should be made deterrent by incorporating exemplary punishment to the rapists.

                                                            Dr. SOSHIL RATTAN, Amritsar.
Source: A letter to the editor, The Tribune December 24, 2012.

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