Sunday, December 23, 2012


I was invited by Dr. Bhagubhai Prajapati, B.Sc., B.Ed, M.Ed., Ph.D principal Narayan Vidalaya, Bharuch (Gujrat- India) for inspiring, counseling and motivating 1600 students of the school.

It was less and invitation from the school and more my intention to get my parents traveled one of the best cities of Gujarat.

My parents – mother and father – aged 75 and 79 respectively accompanied me. We stayed at Dr. Bhagubhai’s residence and enjoyed his hospitality. His daughter and wife really worked hard to keep everything tidy for us.

Dr. Bhagubhai is recipient of International Gold Star Award (Bangkok-Thailand) and Global Educationist Award (Tashkent- Russia)

From 12th December, 2012 to 18th December, 2012 half of the time I encouraged, inspired, counseled and  motivated the students from class 6 to class 12th. The students are very brilliant and have clear vision what they have to do in their lives. Kids loved shaking hand with me. They touched my feet and I blessed them with grand success and happiness.

I was surprised when I asked one student: What is your career plan, great daughter? She answered: I wish to be happy. I had never thought to hear this. Generally students wanted to be doctor, engineer, army man/woman, teacher etc. But this student had a novel career plan – to be happy in life.

This answer from a small kid forced my mind to think : Am I happy? What should I do to be happy? This unique answer has triggered many more thoughts in the mind.

In our daily routine, after inspiring, counselling and motivation contacts with the students at the school,  we enjoyed visiting:

  1. Kabir Badh where we enjoyed bathing in Narmada river.
  2. A temple built as replica of 5000 years old Sri Yantra on the side of Narmada and participated in the evening prayer for the world peace. Aarti and jyoti really rejuvenated us all. 
  3. Very first day, we went to attend the evening prayer at Akshardham Temple at Bharuch. The architecture of the temple is worth appreciating and emulation for other temples.
  4. We – me, my parents, Dr, Bhagubhai and Mrs of Dr, Bagubhai enjoyed hot and cold water bath at Lusiana. It was energizing bath which immediately activated all of us. After the bath we felt quite relaxed and felt light.
  5. Chowkidhani at Surat is a unique concept translated to highlight the Rajasthani culture in Gujarat. Dinner served by smiling young men was delicious. We got ourselves photographed from a professional photographer wearing Rajasthani turban. A new experience indeed!
  6. At Vadodra, we saw the zoo and museum and enjoyed dinner with dosa.
  7. On the sea shore at Dahej, the industrial complex being developed by Gujrat Government is very vast and excellent. Wide roads, big industries, railing for lifting material from sea shore shipped by ships gave a panoramic view. We visited a ship-building factory. Huge ships under construction on one side and vast water bed on the other side gave a  view that pleased the watcher’s mind.
  8. Flowers, crops in vast fields in Dahej and alongside the road really added to our pleasure.
  9. On 19th December, 2012, my parents accompanied me to the school at 7 am and attended the prayer. They were the guests for that day prayer. Speeches were made in Gujrati languages in their appreciation, regular school prayer was made, songs were sung to welcome them and shawls were given as token to respect and love to all three of us. My parents were very happy and proud to receive these bouquets and presents from the senior teachers of the schools.
  10. Photos and videos were made and recorded DVDs were given to us. My parents say: This 19th December, 2012 is most memorable day of their lives. Before this , they were never hononoured like this.
  11. Enjoyed tasty food at the home of Mr. V.N.Dharia and Mrs. Dharia. Mr. Dharia is a former principal who worked as an excellent principal for over 35 years and is a director of a school now. He and hise wife both are very good humans. Every time I visit Bharuch, we are invited for dinner which is enjoyed to the fullest of our taste buds.
  12. I am feeling an inner peace which I had never experienced in life. My gods i.e. my parents are happy and this occasion has given them lease of about 10-20 years of life. Now they will be appreciating and talking with others of this occasion with great enthusiasm. Memories of the occasion will be a driving force to them. After all I am in the world due to my parents. When I was a new-born child, they gave me milk, food and paid for my education.  I just wished that they be happy. Now they are.
          I have commented in one of the discussions of Harvard Business Review: This tour to Bharuch is memorable because my parents accompanied me. It was historic and most happiest moment of life when on 19th December, 2012, my parents and me were sitting on the stage along with principal and one senior teacher. About 1600 students of the school were sitting in front of us in colorful uniforms- little, small and , young. My parents were honored with shawls and flowers. My mother is illiterate and father just matriculate. Both were feeling on the top of the world at that time. I touched their feet in front of those 1600 students and later on many teachers in their speeches appreciate my this gesture and expressed that they were happy as I had brought my parents along with me. 

          Suzani - a type of quilt- which is a souvenir from Bharuch was presented to my parents. 

This comment in Harvard Business Review  is being appreciated by the people all over world. I am receiving private and public accolades.   For all this:

I am thankful to  :

    • The Management of Narayan Vidayalaya, Bharuch and its chairman Mr. Hemant Bhai, intelligent visionary who is a benevolent person and loves humans and his kind family, son, daughter and wife that supports him in his good deeds.
    • Dr. Bhagubhai Prajapati, the live-wire and dynamic principal, wife and his brilliant daughter who is studying for .MBA (Fashion Designing)
    • Mr. V.N.Dharia and Mrs. Dharia.
    • The brilliant and cooperative staff – teaching and non-teaching- of the school.
    • Above all, the disciplined, intelligent and students with all round personality of the school.

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