Monday, June 4, 2012

10 Talisman for Selfactulization

I have today sent you 8 manstras for self-actualization. Here below are the TEN TALISMAN for self actualization.

1. Accept yourself and others for what you are (or) what they are. There is no point cursing things which cannot be helped or improved upon e.g. dark complexion or some other deformity or handicap.

2. Develop spontaneity of thought and behaviour and more so in decision-making.

3. Develop "sense of humour". Sense of humour is the best and effective tool in one's hand. It helps in"De-tensing" and lightening any stressful situation. Humour will motivate even the most reluctant person to do thing willingly, for you.

4, Be creative to utilize time to the fullest extent. After all, you are devoting only about 30% of your lifespan for really productive work

5. Do self appraisal and introspection or get psycho analysis done to know your potential aptitudes, attitudes, strong and weak points. "Know thyself". The more we learn about our feelings, the more pragmatic would be our approach to behaviour and we will not act in the way which would prove harmful to ourselves.

6. Look at your life from an objective view point. Here helicopter view or overall view of your life to prod the pink spots and to gauge the grey areas.

7. Develop deep and satisfying interpretations and interpersonal relationships, with a few rather than a large number of people.

8. Do not become self-centred but  be a Team centred. You cannot succeed by becoming a lone player but by becoming a "Team Player" you will certainly. A loner is left to fend for himself.

9. Divide your eternal goal into smaller achievable targets. Achieve one objective then only set more difficult target to be achieved. Thus "may you climb peak to peak" successfully, one after another. Do not try to break the deadlock in one go.

10. Do not give up in the face of difficulties"when going gets tough the tough get going."  No complacency should set in. You should not be the one who says: When going gets easier, tougher goes lazier.
Get out of wavering nature. You shouldn't be like, " when going gets easier, the lazier gets going."

Do not get perturbed on what you cannot help and what you can help do not get hesitated.
Do not waste time non-productively. If the work is worship, God is time. "Kaalah Kalayathamahan" - Sri Krishan in Sri mad Bhagvat Gita.

SWOT Analyses should be done by the individual, society,nation and states.

Send your SWOT analyses.

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