Tuesday, August 3, 2010


If an 'O' of Ego is removed from Goodman, it will become a Godman. Ego is fed right from childhood when a small child is appreciated if it wins a game or race or gets more marks in the class. Not only this, even the words, "My child is smarter than that of yours. My child is more handsome or beautiful than that of yours. My child is healthier than that of yours." All these kind of remarks from parents, grandparents and others fan the ego of the child.
When the child grows and goes to school, these remarks take another shape. "My child has scored more marks than that of yours. This child has topped the class by scoring high marks."
This kind of comparison builds the psychological foundation of the child to be better in the society. The child also learns how to feel different from others in the society? This may be called the child is learning "how to discriminate." Blood and flesh is same but there are so many other traits on the basis of which a child learns to differentiate with others in the society. White skin is better than black, my culture and country is better than that of yours, I am stronger than you, I am more intelligent than others are some of the mental developments. This attitude builds ego which in turn teaches the human beings to disdain others one count or the other.
The child less learns about himself which the mother Nature has given to him. It more learns about the artificial living. That's how to accumulate more wealth in this world, how to keep the knowledge upto himself and exploit others. Vanity prevails upon the child and it leads to distancing itself from the real happiness.
Real happiness is not in accumulation of wealth but its use for our brothers and sisters in this world. Real happiness comes from retaining and nourishing relationships howsoever small or insignificant they appear in terms of money and wealth. Real happiness comes from enjoying a good health which comes from treating others alike and sharing their woes and worries. No body cares how much you know until he knows how much you care.
It is the caring of the needy that brings the real happiness. So, stop fanning ego and enjoy real happiness. Shedding ego, we become 90% lighter mentally and start enjoying the journey of our life. Enjoy the light of the lamp without any regard to the lamp. Lamp can be made of clay, mud, silver, gold or diamond but light is same. It does not change. Be BIG and shed ego.
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