Saturday, August 7, 2010


Like any proud citizen, I am filled with pride that our great country is hosting the Commonwealth Games, 2010 which are symbolic of our national honour.
India is a country of immensely constructive, progressive & cultured people with a rich heritage and our recent economic growth has drawn worldwide admiration. As such, the whole world today looks upon us with respect and hope.
The recent continuous and negative media coverage of Delhi Commonwealth Games, 2010 has resulted in absolute negativity among our people and the whold world talking adversely about our country.
Due to this continous and extensively negative coverage, we are creating a withdrawal feeling in thousands of organizers, 23000 volunteers, who are feeling totally demoralized and dejected. This would totally mar the successful conduct of the Commonwealth Games and give a bad image to our beloved country for all times to come. Participating players, officials and even the guests will have a very negative feeling, right from the beginning. The smallest of flaws will be magnified in their minds and they will go back with quite a weak forthcoming Commonwealth Games at such time when they should all be participating in, contributing to and celebrating it as the Grand Festival of India.
I do not know at all as to who are cultprits, how many people have misappropriated the country's funds/resources and pushed back the preparations with regard to the completion of infrastructure, as the reports say. If so, the culprits most definitely need to be punished with all their misdeeds thoroughly investigated and all sorts of checks and audits duly conducted by going deep into the matters related to purchase, negotiations & payments etc. But if should all be done after our country's greatest ever sporting event is over. Of course, all the culprits should be serverly punished, thereafter.
I am asking in all humility and cordialiality whther for the wrongs of may be a hundred people, should the hopes and aspirations of 1.2 billion people be crushed? It would be such a huge blot on our country's image if we do not conduct the Games successfully.
I myself am running a media network thoughout the country and I appreciate that Media has done its duty to expose Organisers' misdeed but at the same time with all humility, we must accept that Media ha alread overdone it, causing a very big damage in maligning the image of our country. Certainly the media on its part should not forgive culprits but should postpone its campaign until after the successful staging of Commonwealth Games. The immediate need is to create an exceedingly positive environment for the present organisers and genuine workers to make the Games a grand success befitting the great image of our nation.
I threfore appeal to anybody and everybody to rise as one united nation maintaining absolute positivity and dedicate themselves whole-heartedly to the cause of the Delhi Commonwealth Games, 2010 for the pride of our beloved country. We stuill have almost 2 months to go and can work wonders if we rise together collectively on war footing and contribute in all possible ways so that we may hold our heads high before the entire world.
Yours always
A Humble Citizen,
Subrata Roy Sahara
Sahara India Pariwar
Source: The Tribune 7th August, 2010
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Anonymous said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it............................................................

Prof Keshap said...

Honourable Commentor, Thanks for the push. Please go on encouraging us for doing herculean tasks in the interest of national pride.
Prof P.K.keshap