Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Everyone experiences one kind of frustration or another everyday. Whenever we are crushed under it, it becomes a chronic type of negative feeling. But when we derive some stimulation from it, it helps us solve a problem, not to yield to it. So, frustration can be turned into a positive force.

We have a servo-mechanism within us which can create ideas and find solutions to problems transforming us into creative artists. Instead, too many of us jam our creative mechanism with worry, anxiety and fear. This jamming of the creative servo-mechanism doesn’t serve us at all. It inhibits us from our goals, putting a road-block of negation in front of us, creating frustration.

The road blocks of frustration are: We worry not only before making decision but after we carry this in our minds all day. The cure? Express anxiety before, but not after making a decision. Once we choose a road to take, we must stop worrying and call upon the confidence of past successes to guide us in the present.

We must stop the worry and feel about yesterday, today and tomorrow. Think of only TODAY. Treat everyday as complete lifetime. Do your best, respond to the present. Try, Try, Try, - now, now.

Don’t clutter your day. Do one thing at a time. It frees you from the burden of hurry and failure.

Relax well. Put aside everything. A good night’s rest brings a beautiful and hopeful day back. Don’t wrestle with your problems twenty-four hours. So relaxation helps you overcome frustration. Don’t think of it. Work for it. Do it – Now. Remember these words of Plato- “Nothing in the affairs of men is worth worrying about.”

(Source: Wisdom November 2009)


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