Thursday, November 26, 2009


Dear Friend,
While doing something, at times, you will feel like not being able to recall what you already know. You will feel desperate to recall and frantically concentrate all your energy to be able to bring it to your mind. Why does it happen?

Sometimes, things come automatically to your mind and you are at liberty to use them according to your requirement. It also happens quite often. What is the reason? There is a third situation too. What you are not able to recall at one point of time, springs to your mind all once at some other point of time. You once again feel like asking yourself- why does it happen at all? Sometimes, you just wonder and on other occasions, get nervous as you are unable make out the phenomenon that takes place at the mental level. The same mind which forgets something recalls it the next moment.

Your mind has extremely large and huge capacity. Use it or lose it. Practice enables you to keep your knowledge at your fingertips. You can use all your knowledge at will, if you constantly practise it. However sharp a knife may be, it is not used for a long time, its edge gets rusted and the knife becomes blunt. You knowledge is just like that knife. Disuse keeps it far from your conscious mind and further, into your unconscious mind which is like a lumbar room where all your impressions lie in untidy heaps. You should try to keep your knowledge in orderly manner. All your knowledge can remain tidy, if it is in current use. Continuity can do wonder. It can enable you to understand even the inexplicable aspects of everything. If you do not succeed in your first attempt, do not give up. Keep doing and the victory is ultimately yours. Your continuous effort has the power to change the seemingly impossible into possible.

Your mind has immense power. All it needs is training. Training will empower it to solve intricate riddles effortlessly. Once you achieve this capacity, you will have easy access to all that you know. You can draw upon your knowledge in a fraction of a second.

Always remember that it is not enough to start doing something. You have to continue until you accomplish this task.

WE have before us the example of the new Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO), Chief, Dr.R.Radhakrishanan. His continuous effort played a key role in a number of our country’s ambitious space projects including Chandrayan-1. Now, he is getting prepared for sending Chandrayan-2 which will launch a rover on the Moon as well. All his knowledge has been at his fingertips that has helped him change the seemingly impossible tasks into possible ones.

Use him as a Role Model and march towards success.


When nothing seems to help,
I go and look at a stonecutter
Hammering away at a rock
Perhaps a hundred times
Without as much as a
Crack showing in it.
Yet at the hundred and first
Blow, it splits in two,
And I know it was not
That blow that did it –
but all that gone before.

(Source: Competition Success Review December, 2009.)

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