Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Svami Vivekananda says, “Human body needs breathing and eating. It generates energy. Energy is depleted 95% in thinking and 5% in doing.” Everybody breathes but lately, I have experimented with myself and discovered “how to breathe for energy and healthy mind.”

And in lighter vein, half the time of life is wasted in ,"thinking without work" and rest half is wasted in "working withouth thinking."

Fast Breathing:

1. Look in the mirror and observe your face.
Stand up or sit down comfortably.
2. Clench your teeth as tightly as you can.
3. Breathe in through nostril in the beginning slowly.
4. Breathe out through nostril in the beginning slowly.
5. Breathe in through nostril as fast as you can.
6. Breath out through nostril as fast as you can.
7. Repeat this exercise for 15-20 times.
8. Now again look in the mirror and observe your face.


You will find that your face is glowing.
Blood and oxygen has acted to do this.
Skin glows. Toxins decrease. Digestion improves.


Sit in a comfortable posture.
Keep your spine erect.
Now put right thumb on left nostril and block it.
Inhale through left nostril slowly, slowly as if you are watering the plants with a hand-held fountain.
Hold the breath in the body for some time and closing eyes see what is happening.
Observing the breath is a beautiful experience. Do this.
As the breath moves from one organ to another organ, that organ gets new energy.
More you can do. While your eyes are closed and breath is in the body, meet your all organs. You may call each and every organ by name. For Example: Hello my brain, how are you. Hello my ears, how are you. I am thankful to you because you are serving me for all these years.
Keep on meeting with every organ using the same phrase but changing the name like eyes, lips, nostrils, throat, gall bladder, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, appendix, pancreas, bladder, genital, knees, feet and go out through feet. Feel your breath going out of the feet.
In the next attempt move your breath meeting head, hair, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and go out after the hands.
Now exhale by blocking the left nostril with third and fourth finger of your right hand and lifting the thumb from the right nostril.
Inhale and exhale as slowly as you can.
Energized. It improves your immune system and elevates your low-order intelligence.


Lord Krishna in Srimad Bhagvat Gita says, “ Man is like a tree upside down. He has his roots on the top i.e. head and branches down wards i.e. trunk.” Breathing is like watering the plant or tree. Do we water the tree from top i.e. through leaves and fruits? No, we don’t. We water the plant through roots and only then the plant grows into a tree well.

For right breathing:

Inhale through nostrils closing your eyes.
Now feel as if your breath is going to your head, ears, eyes, throat, heart, stomach and downward towards your genitals.
Now turn your breath from genitals to your back i.e. back bone and feel as if it is going upward.
Move it up to you head.
You will feel as if your blocked mind is opening.
Repeat it as many times as you can.
You can do while sitting, lying on bed while going to sleep or any other comfortable time.


1. Relaxes mind.
2. Manages anger.
3. Improves blood circulation.
4. Reduces stress.
5. Improves decision making.
6. Leads low-order thinking to higher order thinking that in general parlance called, “ Sieving the grains from the chaff.”
7. More you can practice, experience, observe and add.


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