Tuesday, November 4, 2008





The negative emotions like getting angry and frowning on petty matters, daily routine, established social relationships which an individual cannot and ought not to break is very dangerous for health. This creates continuous mental friction and duality for matters that need to be handled with a cool mind, creates shortage of time by wasting it, non-acceptance of relationships that cannot be avoided. So, graceful mental acceptance of these situations and reality make a person more peaceful and energetic -physically and mentally.

ANXIETY can be called not living in present, handling more than one job at a time, expecting more than deserving from life and others, weakening the nervous system by evaluating the outcomes or consequences of the actions etc. Anxiety is more circumstantial, mental and physical reaction to the real world and its working. Nervous system needs to be improved. New real definitions need to be developed with which it can be overcome. Reel world is an interesting world but real world is boring one. We need to create interest in real world i.e. boring world. It is an art that needs to be learnt. Learn it and enjoy life.

We love to FROWN on many matters which can be handled with
a smile. Generally, frowns are made to scare or create fear psycho but the frowning person does not know it is backfiring in his/her sub-conscious mind and is going to cost him his/her mental health in the long run. Frowning becomes a habit when practiced for a long time and the practitioner becomes the victim.

Frown- the third negative emotion is the reaction of the person to petty happenings on daily basis. BFP and KFP are the two terms we may use for this.

Suppose, Simran is going on scooter and red light is there. Simran, being obedient to law, is stopping at the red-light and waiting for green light. And at the same time, Mr. Raju (not real name) comes on his bike and bumped it to the rear of her scooter. The rear light breaks. Now she is left with 2 options. Option 1: She gets down from the scooter, gets hold of the collar of Mr. Raju and slaps him for his this small negligence. This is BFP (bahut farak para i.e. his action has made a BIG difference to her.) This option will lead further mental arrogance, mental anguish, scuffle and even a police case. Option II: She looks back and Mr. Raju folds his hands and says “sorry, I am very sorry”. She smiles and pardons him. She goes her way and he goes his way. No arrogance, no malice, no mental anguish, no scuffle and no police case. This is the magic of forgiving and forgetting. This is KFP ( KOI FARAK NAHIN PARA – NO PROBLEM CREATED) by this small event. If we go on forgiving and forgetting such kind of small mistakes honestly, definitely and permanently we will move further in life and improve our mental health.

Negative emotions first damage the brain, that results in decaying beauty and ultimately the brawn i.e. the body – the train on which we have to travel the journey of life is destroyed.

Managing negative emotions with an attitude to be happy is the remedy. I hope you will practice this for the good and long life of your family and everybody connected or related with you. Smiling person creates an aura that attracts everyone. Frowning faces fume and fret the people around them. Choice lies with the person.

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