Tuesday, October 28, 2008

7 Stages of Life- My View

For easy understanding of life, the 7 stages are in general are experienced by a human being : Spills, Drills, Skills, Thrills, Ills, Bills, Wills

Stage 1:

Spills: Child comes into the world and world is a school of learning. Child learns out of curiosity. As the child grows, the curiosity like child goes on declining. Child learns many tricks and tips of life by spilling e.g. spilling the water, milk or messing up with other things of the existing world. He tries, fails and does the wrongly and elders teach him how to do that thing in a proper way. Everything right from toilet management to eating food and drinking milk is taught by the society.

Stage II: Drills: Next comes the more difficult, regorous and regular drills fit for living a good life. Mentally, child resists but when imposed harshly by parents, family and society he reluctantly goes on doing those drills. Parents, family and society believes in the dictum " Practice makes a man perfect." On the basis of this dictum everychild is sent to the school. School drills and inducts the good qualities like discipline, regularity, social living, team spirit, leading and following etc. This stage is also performed by informal learning if the child fails to attend the school. Informal learning is generally wider and provided by the religious institutions. In India , there are family gods, village gods and then religious places like temples, Gurudwara, Mosques and Churches where children get basic learning of life.

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