Saturday, October 11, 2008

Path Ways to Knowledge

Brain is the engine of the train called body. Brain is said to have about 15000 million brain cells called neurons. Neorons may be called store houses of information received by a child. On birth, the child has about 3750 million stores houses and receives the information from the environment. The information is received through eyes, ears, touch, taste and smell. Generally, the elders think and believe the child is young to undertstand their activities. But it is not so. Passively, the child goes recording the informtion in its sub-conscious mind. At the age of abou 18 months the brain cells double to 7500 million and by the age of 6 they go upto 90% of the total i.e. 13500 million. The information receieved and gathered during the first 6 years conciously or unconsciously largely determines the beliefs and basic personality traits like faith in the world - good or bad, just or unjust, worthy of living or leaving, crime free or full of criminals, fit for builders of the world or breakers and many more. This all affects his behaviour in later years of his/her life. That is why wisemen say, "Give the child for the first 6 - 7years and we can make him angel or devil as we wish." Here the basic learning matters a lot. Orientation of mind needs direction at this level. Affection and basic faith in family system of which the mother is most important plays a vital role in establishing child's faith in the established real world.
If the mother loves the child, the child will develop healthy concept of the world and would love to make it and ideal world. On the other hand, neglect and ignorance on the part of the mother and other family members and community develops wrong definitions relating to various relationships in the established world. The child finds himself/herself more confused than clear about existence in this world.
By the age of 18 the brain is developed fully.
This may be more illustrated. We may take brain as a field comprising of 15000 million acres of land. At the time of birth, the child has 3750 million acres of land to be cultivated. This much cultivation is done by the environment in which he is born. His information receiving power is greater than the knowledge imparted to him. By the age of 18 month, this land increases to 7500 million for which the information lacks. Now at 6 the the land i.e. brain cells increase to 90% i.e. 13500 million acreas but where is the new knowledge and new information? In case all the land is not cultivated, what happens. It goes barren. Similarly, our mind which is mostly dependent upon brain as a hardware, goes barren. We have the capability to know more, work more understand more, create more, innovate more but the environment in which we live does not have enough to cultivate. By the age of 18 years, we are fully developed i.e. 15000 million acres of land is ready for cultivation. The family, community and society in which we live imposes so many hurdles and constraints that even 1% of the brain is not used throughout life. It all goes astray.

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